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A holistic approach to charging infrastructure – power for your fleet

Charging infrastructure for your e-fleet
Getting started with eMobility:

At a glance

  • Charging solutions for your electric vehicle

    Whether you’re running an electric truck or bus, we can offer an optimised and high-performance charging concept based on the analysis of how you use your vehicles.
  • Tailor-made charging infrastructure solutions
    Together with the MAN premium charging infrastructure partners ABB, Heliox and SBRS, we devise a charging infrastructure concept that is perfectly tailored to you and your needs.
  • Installation and maintenance from one source
    In addition to the perfect charging solution, we also offer installation and maintenance services.

The perfect charging solution for every application

Charging structure visualised

Full power for your MAN electric commercial vehicles: with your own charging infrastructure, you can be sure that your electric fleet is supplied with energy quickly and conveniently. That’s why we work in close cooperation with our MAN premium partners ABB, Heliox and SBRS to offer you holistic charging solutions throughout Europe for a successful transition to e-mobility.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution: the number of vehicles, building conditions on site and the available power connection are all factors in determining the optimum charging concept.

Whether you are looking for maximum flexibility with a mobile charging solution, entire charging parks for overnight charging of larger fleets or fast megawatt charging, our high-performance charging solutions are optimally matched to all your electric models and make your home depot a perfect base for your electric vehicles. With vehicles charged after the work day ends, you’ll have full range again by the next morning. And with the help of fast charging facilities with the Megawatt Charging System (MCS), you can handle all long journeys during the day without a hitch.

Overview of charging options

  Electric truck (overnight charging) Electric truck (fast charging) Electric bus
Charging option DC charging station DC charging station DC charging station
Charging power 40–375 kW (CCS) 750 kW–3.75 MV (MCS) 40–150 kW (CCS)
Max. charging time 4 hours at 150 kW

1.5 hours at 375 kW
45 minutes at 750 kW

10 minutes at 3.75 MV
4 hours at 150 kW

Your route to the optimum charging solution from MAN

Demand analysis with the MAN 360° eMobility consulting

When you purchase an electric commercial vehicle, we calculate the required electricity demand and give an initial estimate of the number of charging points needed. Your MAN contact will agree with you the right time to obtain a quotation and will suggest a suitable MAN premium partner. At the same time, we will investigate whether any subsidies are available.

Find the right offer for you

In close cooperation with our approved MAN premium partners, we will find the right charging infrastructure solution for you and your electric fleet. This may also include comparison quotes to give you maximum freedom of choice.

Commissioning your desired charging solution

Our MAN premium partners for charging infrastructure will present the solution to you and discuss the details with you. It’s up to you to choose which solution you want to have implemented by our partner.


Installation and maintenance by the MAN premium charging infrastructure partner

Once the contract has been awarded, our partner will install and commission the charging infrastructure on your premises. There is no easier way to get into eMobility.

Megawatt Charging System

The MAN knowledge brochure

A comprehensive overview of everything relating to charging infrastructure: Discover different charging solutions, learn what goes into a comprehensive solution – and get to grips with terms like Megawatt Charging and Combined Charging System. You can also explore model solutions that meet your needs. The MAN brochure offers all of this and will help you deepen your knowledge in this field.
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FAQs: Frequently asked questions about your own charging infrastructure with MAN

All the important information about charging infrastructure: From the costs and funding opportunities for charging solutions to their installation and the charging of electric vehicles – here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Charging infrastructure means the possibility of supplying your electric vehicles with electricity quickly, conveniently, flexibly and cost-effectively with your own charging stations – for example on the company premises. In addition, public charging infrastructure offers charging columns in various designs and performance classes. For long-distance and distribution transport, various charging options are available, e.g. in car parks, shopping centres or at petrol stations along the motorways in the form of charging parks.

The costs of charging infrastructure are made up of the charging technology, the construction and installation work, as well as possible expenses for new connections at the grid operator. The financial outlay depends on your requirements and ranges from a few thousand euros for a mobile solution, to pure hardware costs for a charging station with a charging capacity of 150 kW for currently around 30,000 to 40,000 euros, to larger sums for entire charging parks. Important: precise planning of an optimal charging strategy with the 360° eMobility consulting lowers your investment costs.

To set up your own charging infrastructure, you will need suitable, accessible and properly installed charging stations that are sufficiently supplied with sustainably generated electricity – e.g. via a photovoltaic system on the roof of one of your buildings. In this way, not only can you operate your electric vehicle fleet in a climate-friendly and cost-effective way, but you can also reduce the load on the public power grid. A current transformer brings the voltage to the level required to charge your electric fleet. A reliable digital network makes it possible to monitor and control the charging processes. An intelligent charging management system distributes the charging power efficiently and can help reduce electricity costs as well as installation costs for the charging infrastructure.

Yes! There are plans to offer new funding to businesses for this purpose. Through various funding measures from the EU, the state or at the municipal level, companies are supported by financial incentives to set up charging infrastructures. If you want to set up or expand a charging infrastructure, you can receive up to 80 percent of the eligible expenses as a grant. The amounts of funding are highly dependent on the programmes currently available. Your MAN contact and the MAN premium partner for charging infrastructure are familiar with the current measures and will be happy to advise you on them.

The power consumption of an electric truck depends on a variety of factors such as speed, road type, payload, outside temperature, topography and auxiliary consumers. For this reason, it is not possible to make universal statements. As a rule of thumb, it can be assumed that for a large number of applications the power consumption will be in the range of 0.8 kWh/km (solo vehicle distribution transport) to 1.2 kWh/km (articulated truck long-haul transport).

The charging time of an electric truck depends on multiple factors, such as the battery capacity, charging power and charging technology. There is a simple ground rule: the higher the charging power, the faster the charging. In a roughly simplified way, the charging time can be calculated by dividing the energy content of the battery by the charging power.

Example charging times

  • DC fast charging station with 150 kW charging power (200 A): Charging time from 10% to 100% between 2 hours (240 kWh) and 4 hours (480 kWh) depending on the battery capacity.
  • DC fast charging station with 375 kW charging power (500 A): Charging time from 10% to 80% between 30 minutes (240 kWh) and 60 minutes (480 kWh) depending on the battery capacity.
  • Megawatt Charging System (MCS) with up to 750 kW (1000 A): Charging time from 10% to 80% less than 45 minutes with maximum battery capacity (480 kWh) and therefore within the legally prescribed break times.

Available throughout Europe
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Your individual 360° mobility concept

More than 250 customers across Europe have already put their trust in our eMobility consulting – powered by MAN Transport Solutions. Ready to make the switch to eMobility? Our individual consultation service will calculate the exact energy requirements for your fleet and then create customised charging infrastructure concepts for your successful transition to climate-conscious eMobility.

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