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Long-haul assistant: MAN CruiseAssist

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At a glance

  • Less fatigue when driving on the motorway
    MAN CruiseAssist supports the long-distance driver and helps to avoid rear-end collisions as well as to keep proper distance.
  • Keeping distance and staying in lane
    Within the system limits, the long-haul assistant actively supports the driver in keeping the lane and maintaining the distance to the vehicle ahead.
  • Easy operation
    The instrumentation display shows distance and speed of the vehicle ahead as well as lane situation and system status.

Safely in lane and at distance in long-haul transport

Within the limits of the system, MAN CruiseAssist helps drivers to keep their distance and stay on target safely, even in heavy traffic and congested situations.

Keeping a reliable distance

When a vehicle ahead is detected, the system automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed to the current traffic situation, thus ensuring the necessary distance to the traffic ahead. In case of a traffic jam, the truck will automatically brake to a standstill within the system limits and moves off again after short stops. MAN CruiseAssist uses a camera installed behind the windscreen and radar sensors in the bumper in order to continuously detect the traffic situation and lane markings.

Safer on track

To continuously stay in the lane, the assistance system helps within the system limits to avoid unintentional lane departure by automatically executing necessary corrective steering manoeuvres. To accomplish this, the detected lane markings provide orientation. Important aspect: While an activated MAN CruiseAssist makes it a lot easier for the driver to keep the lane, he must still keep his hands on the steering wheel in order to maintain control of the vehicle at all times. In addition, the assistance system also supports the driver in the event of an intended lane change. If the side radars detect a vehicle in the adjacent lane, the system helps to avoid the risk of collision and supports the driver by performing a corrective steering intervention.

Comprehensively informed at all times

The instrument display continuously informs the driver about the assistance system status: The distance to the vehicle ahead and its speed are clearly shown. Moreover, it includes information on the direction of corrective steering interventions, on lane keeping and current system status.

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