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Lane change support (LCS)

At a glance

  • Monitoring the areas next to the vehicles
    Radar sensors monitor the areas to the left and right of your truck
  • Safety when changing lanes
    When changing lanes in dangerous situations, the driver is warned early.

A new overtaking strategy

The MAN lane change support LCS provides safety – even in the heaviest traffic. It uses radar sensors to monitor the areas to the left and right of your vehicle from a driving speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). If the sensors detect a dangerous situation when initiating a lane change, the driver is warned early, thus significantly reducing the risk of a collision with other road users.

Two are better than one: Double-stage warning

Stage 1: one light signal

The MAN lane change support LCS indicates whether an object is located in the warning area on the co-driver’s side by illuminating an LED module. This allows the driver to estimate when he can safely activate the turn indicator and start overtaking or go back into the lane safely afterwards.

Stage 2: 3 Light signals

If the driver activates the turn indicator or initiates a lane change, all three LED modules light up in the event of danger. The size of the warning zone is variable from 0 m to a maximum of 8 m to the front and 80 m to the rear (from the vehicle front). This depends in particular on the vehicle length and the relative speed between the own vehicle and the respective vehicle in the adjacent lane.

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