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MAN distance warning system

MAN distance warning system

At a glance

  • Warns about tailgating
    Can help to prevent accidents by maintaining the safety distance better.
  • Easing the load on the driver
    Assists the driver even in poor weather and visibility conditions as well as complex road conditions.

Correct distance for greater safety

The distance warning system helps to reliably maintain the required, generous safety distance to traffic ahead even in dense traffic. After an acoustic or visual warning, the driver can increase the distance to have more time to respond in unforeseen situations.

Combination of radar and camera

The distance warning system combines information from two radar sensors in the bumper and a camera in the windscreen. It constantly monitors the traffic in front of the truck and records data such as speeds, directions of movement and types of object. Thanks to this sensor combination, the system can warn the driver in good time and with high reliability of hazardous situations if a specific safety distance is not maintained.

Visual warning

If the truck drops below the safety distance by a small amount for a short time, a coloured distance bar lights up in the instrumentation display.

Optical and acoustic signal

If the distance to the traffic ahead is clearly too small for an extended period of time, a warning symbol and warning message appear in the display and a signal sounds.

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