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MAN Front Detection

MAN Front Detection

At a glance

  • Helps to prevent accidents
    Warns the driver in good time of impending collisions when starting off or travelling at slow speeds.
  • Improved safety and reduced stress
    Helps to increase safety for more vulnerable road users and reduces stress for the driver, particularly in urban areas.

Protection for more vulnerable road users

Whether in delivery areas, when leaving the depot or in hectic city traffic, people may be located in the area directly in front of the vehicle, which is either hard or impossible to see. To cope with this problem, when starting off or travelling at low speeds up to 10 km/h, Front Detection detects particularly at-risk road users like pedestrians and cyclists in front of the truck and warns the driver in two stages.

Two sensor systems: radar and camera

The assistance system combines information from two radar sensors in the bumper and a camera in the windshield. It constantly monitors the traffic area in front of the truck and records data such as speeds, directions of movement and types of object. Thanks to this sensor fusion, the system can detect dangerous situations even more quickly and reliably, and initiate emergency braking faster.

Visual warning

If there is an object in the monitoring area while the truck is at a standstill, a coloured area to the front of the truck is shown on the instrumentation display.

Acoustic signal

If there is a risk of a collision while the truck is moving, the area depicted in the display flashes and an acoustic signal sounds.

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