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Semi-automatic manual gearbox: MAN TipMatic

Semi-automatic manual gearbox: MAN TipMatic

At a glance

  • Comfortable operation
    Thanks to newly developed gear shift control located on the right-hand stalk switch
  • Outstanding economy
    Reduced fuel consumption with maximised driving comfort
  • Customised gearshift and start-up strategies
    Coordinated gearshift strategies for a wide range of applications

Gearshift functions for increased comfort, efficiency and safety

The MAN TipMatic semi-automatic gearbox reduces fuel consumption and increases driving comfort. Customised gearshift and start-up strategies, optimized for a wide range of applications, e.g. road, heavy-duty, off-road or emergency services vehicles, are perfectly matched to the driveline and guarantee efficient and comfortable driving.

Easy and comfortable operation

The gear shift control located on the right-hand stalk switch allows selection of both driving mode and driving programme. This allows intuitive and safe operation in the immediate vicinity of the steering wheel.

Rapid gear changes

The coordination between engine, clutch and gearbox allows for rapid gear changes. As a result, SpeedShifting allows for rapid shifting between the three highest gears (10th, 11th, and 12th), whereas SmartShifting combines fast shifting processes in all gears. Thus the momentum, for example on inclines, is maintained thanks to fast downshifts and fuel consumption is kept as low as possible.

Using the engine brake

The electronically controlled engine brake of the upshift support (HSU) handles rapid gear skips of up to three gears – especially on inclines. In the process, the intelligent software calculates the optimum gearshift speed using data such as the accelerator position, the vehicle mass and the calculated driving resistance.

Comfortable idle speed driving

Idle Speed Driving enables comfortable driving at idle speed – the driver can thus manoeuvre the truck precisely or easily go with the slow-moving traffic flow. After moving off, the vehicle travels at a low idling speed of around 600 rpm, without the driver having to press the accelerator. If the engine torque is insufficient at idling speed, the MAN TipMatic shifts down.

The load detection of the MAN TipMatic gearbox selects the optimum gear for moving off – depending on the load. Furthermore, the high transmission-ratio spread and the gradient recognition support excellent moving-off behaviour.

If your truck has ever become stuck in snow or damp, loose ground, the rocking function can make pulling away easier for you. It automatically selects the best gear to reduce the torque to the drive wheels, thus avoiding wheel spins.

Use MAN Now to activate the right gearshift program

With our digital MAN Now service, you can book MAN TipMatic gearshift programs as required and transmit them immediately over the air.

MAN NOW – Over-The-Air Upgrades

  • Flexible adaptation of the vehicle functionalities of your new MAN Truck generation and MAN vans
  • Automatic check of the functions available for your vehicle
  • Transfer and installation of software upgrades thanks to innovative over-the-air technology – simple, fast, and no stopover in the workshop required
  • Free use of certain features

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