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At a glance

  • Planning and calculation security
    Fixed maintenance intervals ensure better protection against unforeseeable repairs.
  • Customised solutions
    MAN offers the perfect service contract for every requirement. The scope of services ensures the desired protection and can be individually adjusted at any time.
  • Maximum profitability
    Predictable service and inspection work reduces the risks of unexpectedly occurring repair costs and vehicle breakdowns.

Less risk, more safety

No matter which MAN Service Contract you choose, MAN has the ideal solution in its range of services to meet all your needs.

Safety means minimising risks

Unexpected repair costs or vehicle breakdowns are among the risks in the commercial vehicle sector. MAN Service Contracts help to make expenses calculable for your company: thanks to a range of services which includes all service work and a scope of services which can be extended individually.

Lightening your administrative workload

With MAN Service Contracts, 1,300 MAN service outlets across Europe are available to provide you with professional support. The basis of all repair and maintenance contracts is MAN ServiceCare S, our proactive maintenance management. The MAN service outlet coordinates and bundles the planning of maintenance and repair appointments. You can concentrate even better on your core business and remain unburdened by administrative work. In addition, MAN Service Contracts ensure that costs for maintenance and service are no longer unknown variables – that’s our promise to you.

Our contract models – guaranteeing we have one that’s right for you

MAN Service Contracts aim to reduce costs and increase uptime. It is possible to adapt MAN ServiceContracts to suit the customer’s precise individual requirements by using the different modules in combination with one another. With MAN Service Contracts, you can select the specification which is right for you, guaranteeing maximum protection with minimum expense. All MAN Service Contracts include MAN ServiceCare S, our proactive maintenance management.

  ComfortSuper ComfortPlus Comfort ComfortOil
MAN ServiceCare
Oil change
Servicing and inspections as per maintenance plan  
Repairs to the driveline    
Repairs to the rest of the vehicle Optional    
Wear repairs      
General services 1) Optional Optional Optional  
Uptime guarantee Optional Optional Optional  
  All contract details All contract details All contract details All contract details
  1. statutory testing, tyre servicing, etc.

Your benefits at a glance

MAN service employee servicing a MAN vehicle

Optimum planning and costing certainty through a service contract and fixed service intervals to provide better protection against unforeseen repairs – even as your vehicle ages.

High reliability and good resale value with best possible vehicle condition due to proper maintenance and repairs.

Save costs and ensure consistent use through preventive repairs at standard workshop visits.

Reduce risk of breakdowns and lower fuel consumption using perfectly tuned vehicle technology with MAN trained workshop staff.

We offer everything from a single source, which saves time and relieves the administration.

MAN extended warranties

The perfect solution for every requirement

Our attractive extended warranties offer additional protection against unforeseen repair costs: Everything can be covered individually, be it the driveline, the entire vehicle or the new high-voltage technology for e-vehicles. This ensures that the warranty modules are tailored to your needs – from vehicle configuration to usage time to annual mileage.


Because we’re 100% certain.

MAN TopUsed commercial vehicles

MAN TopUsed is our range of used commercial vehicles, which only differ from our new vehicles in one aspect: they have been driven before. These vehicles are technically in perfect condition and have been thoroughly and rigorously tested.

Specific service contracts and extended warranties are also available for MAN TopUsed vehicles and are valid without limitation, such as the driveline guarantee with a duration of up to 24 months and a total mileage of up to 1,000,000 kilometres. By the way: when purchasing a MAN TopUsed vehicle with a quality seal of the highest category, the driveline guarantee is included in the purchase price.

MAN uptime guarantee

No matter where you are, with the MAN uptime guarantee, you can rely on us to make sure your vehicle is ready to go.

We’ll get you there!

The MAN uptime guarantee provides flexible cover in over 30 European countries. In the event of a technical fault, you will be able to continue your journey quickly or you will be compensated for the downtime.

  • If your MAN vehicle breaks down, we will be on hand to provide quick and reliable support
  • You can count on the MAN Mobile24 emergency call centre to give you the help you need if you break down
  • Experienced mechanics will know exactly what to do
  • You will benefit from long warranty periods
  • Breakdowns can be handled across national borders
The uptime guarantee offered to you by MAN TopUsed.

The uptime guarantee offered to you by MAN TopUsed.

With the uptime guarantee for your used truck, nothing will stop you in your tracks.

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Further information

Would you like to know more about the MAN uptime guarantee for your MAN vehicle? All the details are provided in our information material.

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Uptime guarantee for your MAN and NEOPLAN coach

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Uptime guarantee for your MAN van

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Help on the road with Mobile24

There is never a good time for a vehicle to break down. But if something does go wrong, we’re only a call away – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Tel. 00800 66 24 53 24 (00800 Mobile24)*

* Landline free of charge. Mobile charges may vary, depending on the provider. If your provider does not support toll-free numbers, please dial +49 1805 35 35 33 33 (14 ct/min from a German landline. Prices for mobile networks and from outside Germany depend on the tariff).
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