Trailer Assist

The trailer assist makes it easier to manoeuvre, park and reverse with a trailer.

At a glance

  • Help when reversing
    The system makes it easier for you to manoeuvre a trailer in reverse.
  • Active power-assisted steering
    The given steering commands are taken over by the vehicle.
  • Precise manoeuvring
    Makes it easier for the driver to reverse precisely.

With MAN, you become a master of shunting

Take the stress out of manoeuvring: Trailer Assist makes it easier for you to manoeuvre a trailer in reverse. The MAN TGE independently follows a kink angle previously set by the driver. The driver only has to accelerate and brake, steering is taken over by the vehicle. In addition, the system makes it easier to reverse accurately straight.

Manoeuvring with a trailer made easy


To manoeuvre a trailer in reverse, the driver engages reverse gear. The system is activated at the touch of a button. With the switch for adjusting the mirror – which is used as a joystick – the driver can set the desired driving direction of his combination.


The vehicle takes over the given steering commands – the driver only has to operate accelerator and brake.

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