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The commercial vehicle industry as well as the transport industry are currently in the biggest transformation phase of their history. MAN is actively shaping this phase: With a clear strategy for drive technology transition towards the battery electric vehicle. And with the topic of sustainability officially and firmly enshrined in the corporate strategy, the path is heading to only one direction: The future.


Wonder, why MAN is driving the transformation of the commercial vehicle industry and the transport sector? Because climate change is a fact – and from an ethical as well as from a business point of view, it is necessary to not only react, but to deliberately act accordingly. The MAN strategy for the upcoming challenges and political changes: Holistic and sustainable mindset, economic and customer-oriented action. Our customers benefit from comprehensive commercial vehicle solutions: The most advanced battery electric commercial vehicles, supported by a digital ecosystem for the best possible TCO. All these things together yield the greatest benefit to all.


After about 80 years of experience in building buses, trucks and vans, MAN made an extremely successful start into the future of eMobility four years ago with the eTGM electric truck. But thinking ahead means much more than just having the next vehicle in your mind. Transformation of the commercial vehicle industry will have a significant impact on the purchase and operation of a truck. Therefore, MAN offers you practical solutions for your needs around the actual eVehicle with MAN Transport Solutions Consulting – including sustainable transport solutions and services. MAN’s range of services includes an interactive self-assessment of electrification potential, a comprehensive consulting service for the entire vehicle fleet as well as a data-driven route analysis and TCO optimisation.

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MAN eTruck drives over a bridge

MAN eReadyCheck: Range calculator for optimal route planning of your eTruck

Planning to purchase an all-electric truck – but you want to make sure the vehicle’s range is sufficient for your application? Just use our MAN eReadyCheck as decision support: it shows – based on selectable parameters – which MAN eVehicles will suit your usage behaviour exactly.
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The new MAN eTruck impresses with a whole range of innovations, which include areas such as emission-free driveline, range, recuperation, handling and easy operation as well as thermal management. On the subject of range: The new MAN eTruck scores points with application-specific optimisation options for the battery packs in terms of higher payload or longer range. Daily ranges of up to 800 kilometres will be possible as early as 2025.

Just as you have come to expect from MAN, the MAN eTruck also offers tailor-made solutions for your applications through close cooperation with our industry partners.

Technical data

  4 x 2
Solo chassis
6 x 2
Solo chassis
6 x 2
Chassis with trailer
4 x 2
Semitrailer combination
Weights Gross train weight up to 20 t
Gross train weight up to 28 t
Gross train weight 42 t Gross train weight 42 t
Engine power approx. 200 kW to 230 kW approx. 200 kW to 230 kW approx. 300 kW to 350 kW approx. 300 kW to 350 kW
Usable battery capacity approx. 200 kWh to 500 kWh 200 kWh to 500 kWh 200 kWh to 500 kWh 300 kWh to 500 kWh


The centrepiece of the new electric technology – the central electric drive unit – provides the propulsion for the new MAN eTruck. Powerful, reliable and emission-free, with plenty of torque – right from standstill. Can be used with unimagined sensitivity – whether on the motorway, in the city or during difficult manoeuvres.

With the future MAN eTruck generation, intelligent use of break times for intermediate charging will make daily ranges of between 600 and 800 kilometres possible. In the second half of this decade even up to 1,000 kilometres daily range will be in reach.

Long range or high payload?

It will be possible to choose from different battery configuration options for the application-specific optimisation of the new MAN eTruck series.

The process of feeding back electric energy gained from kinetic energy during deceleration into the batteries is called recuperation. Thus, a longer drive downhill of 10 minutes can significantly extend your range.

Benefit: Energy costs are reduced while the range is increased. Also the service brake system is relieved in the process – similar to the sustained-action braking equipment in a diesel driveline.

The handling of the new MAN eTruck picks up on many characteristic MAN features and combines them with further design-related advantages of the new electric driveline:

  • Extremely precise manoeuvring
  • Speed jumps of the electric motor and faster gearshifts
  • Outstanding acoustic comfort

Easy operation: To make the processes around the new electric driveline transparent, the information related to the battery and the electrical system is displayed on the vehicle’s fully digital instrumentation. As an aid to economical driving, the power meter visualises the current energy flow:

  • Positive drive power (acceleration of the vehicle)
  • Negative drive power (recuperation)
  • Intensity/effectiveness of acceleration/deceleration and visualisation of the limits

The temperature management is highly efficient due to smart and flexible interconnection of the cooling components. The reduction of electrical energy consumption has a positive effect on the vehicle range. In addition, the reliable temperature management ensures a long service life of the vehicle components.


MAN has declared battery development its core task – just like engine development in earlier times. At our competence centre in Nuremberg, battery technology is developed and manufactured for commercial vehicle-specific use, which will be used in the new MAN eTruck from 2024.

Through the theme of sustainability, which is firmly embedded in the corporate goals, battery production allows us to:

  • Comply with OECD guidelines in raw material extraction.
  • Produce batteries with electricity from renewable energy sources.
  • Charge the vehicles with electricity from renewable energy sources.
  • Reuse the battery as stationary energy storage.
  • Recycle batteries with high raw material recovery rate.

When it comes to recycling, we are pursuing an ambitious goal: 97 % of all raw materials shall be recycled.

The better the charging infrastructure, the easier and faster the charging mechanism. Whether it is about constructing charging stations at the company site or about preventive maintenance contracts through professional partnerships: MAN Transport Solutions Consulting offers you comprehensive service and support.

You also enjoy maximum flexibility with stationary and semi-mobile charging solutions, you achieve stable operating conditions thanks to connectivity-based services for remote diagnostics and maintenance plus you benefit from consultancy services to optimise charging strategy and infrastructure.

Europe-wide high-speed charging – a strong partnership:
The joint venture between Daimler Truck, Volvo Group and TRATON Group has been creating high-performance charging points for BEV long-haul trucks across Europe since 2022. The charging stations are strategically located and operated near motorways, logistics centres and unloading points.

MAN eManager
The digital MAN eManager service enables comprehensive charging management as well as vehicle and battery monitoring for the entire MAN eTruck fleet.

With expansion of the MAN eManager later on, the control of battery charging and vehicle air conditioning as well as detailed analyses of battery-relevant key figures will also available in the tool.

Smart Route Planning
The Smart Route Planning tool simplifies tour and route planning for the new MAN eTruck and schedules charging times accordingly. This way you will always reach your destination.

Workshop network
MAN’s workshop network already has experience with eVehicles (eTGM, eTGE, Lion’s City E) and is continuously expanding its expertise in this area. The workshops are gradually being equipped with the necessary high-voltage tools and the employees are being trained in specific high-voltage training courses.

Electric-specific maintenance service and battery service
The maintenance intervals for the new MAN eTruck depend heavily on the deployment profile of your vehicle. They are therefore calculated and determined individually for each vehicle. Continuous analyses of the battery data (battery analysis) help with this.

MAN service products
In order to offer you maximum planning security, a variant of the classic MAN service products will also be available for the new MAN eTruck.

  • MAN ServiceContracts
  • MAN extended warranties
  • MAN uptime guarantee

MAN ProfiDrive
“WE TRAIN THE FUTURE” – the qualified training and further education of drivers, entrepreneurs and fleet managers, adapted to e-mobility, will of course also take place with the new MAN eTruck.

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