MAN TGS – Equipment

MAN TGS – Equipment
Our comfortable MAN TM cab is ideal for payload-intensive special applications in national long-haul transport thanks to its weight-saving, compact design and convenient overnight accommodation.

TM cab – The comfortable

  • For payload-intensive transport tasks in national long-haul transport
  • Compact, weight-saving design
  • Generous storage space
  • Relaxing beds with slatted frame

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The weight-saving, compact design of our MAN TN cab ensures payload advantages. The comfortable bed with slatted frame offers highly relaxing comfort.

TN cab – The Flexible

  • For payload-optimised special trucks such as silo and refrigerated trucks or vehicles for building materials
  • Compact design in normal height
  • Comfortable interior
  • Comfortable bed with slatted frame

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Our practical MAN NN cab is ideal for local and distribution transport, in the construction industry or for municipal use.

NN cab – The practical

  • For local and distribution transport, in the construction industry or for municipal use
  • Compact dimensions
  • Very comfortable step unit and easy cross-cab access
  • Storage space behind the seats

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MAN D26 engine in Euro 6

MAN D26 engine

324 kW – 353 kW – 382 kW

  • Increased performance and torque (+10 hp, +50 Nm at each power rating)
  • Reduction in fuel consumption of up to 3.3 percent
  • Outstanding environmental balance due to effective, two-stage exhaust gas recirculation

MAN D15 engine in Euro 6

MAN D15 engine

243 kW – 265 kW – 294 kW

  • Common Rail injection system for extremely effective combustion
  • Outstanding fuel efficiency through high performance
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs thanks to simplified SCR exhaust aftertreatment
  • Less engine weight and consequently more payload

Selectable hydrostatic MAN HydroDrive front-wheel drive

Hydrostatic front-wheel drive: MAN HydroDrive

  • Increased traction and directional stability on difficult terrain
  • For vehicles with short-term traction requirements
  • Payload advantage of 400 to 750 kg compared to a common all-wheel drive

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MAN TipMatic semi-automatic manual gearbox for low fuel consumption and high driving comfort.

Semi-automatic manual gearbox: MAN TipMatic

  • Individual starting and gearshift strategies for different purposes
  • Reduced fuel consumption with comfortable driving
  • MAN TipMatic gearbox control on the right-hand drop arm

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MAN Emergency Brake Assist (EBA Plus)
MAN Emergency Brake Assist (EBA Plus)

  • Enhanced Emergency Brake Assist offers additional safety
  • Warns the driver of impending collisions with crossing pedestrians and cyclists
  • Automatically triggers emergency braking in hazardous situations

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MAN Front Detection
MAN Front Detection

  • Warns the driver about risk of accidents or if their speed is too slow
  • Helps protect vulnerable road users and helps to increase safety

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GPS-assisted cruise control: MAN EfficientCruise with PredictiveDrive
GPS-assisted cruise control: MAN EfficientCruise with PredictiveDrive

  • Detects the topography of the route in advance
  • Calculates optimum speed and gearshift strategy for economical driving – especially before inclines
  • Minimises traction interruptions and helps to save fuel

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MAN distance warning system
MAN distance warning system

  • Helps to maintain a safe distance to the vehicle in front
  • Warns the driver if the distance falls below the safety distance
  • Can prevent rear-end collisions and thereby increase safety

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MAN AttentionGuard
AttentionGuard: MAN AttentionGuard

  • Detects noticeable changes in steering behaviour
  • Warns the driver at signs of reduced attention
  • Helps to increase active safety

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Camera-based speed alert: MAN traffic sign detection
Camera-based speed alert: MAN traffic sign detection

  • Reliably detects currently applicable guidelines
  • Warns the driver when speeding
  • Helps increase safety and reduces the driver’s workload

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MAN Reversing Motion System
MAN Reversing Motion System

  • Shows what is happening to the rear of the vehicle in the cockpit thanks to the rear camera
  • Increases safety and makes shunting and coupling manoeuvres easier

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MAN Lane Departure Warning system (LDW) & MAN Lane Return Assist (LRA)
MAN Lane Departure Warning system (LDW) & MAN Lane Return Assist (LRA)

  • Driver support for safe lane keeping
  • Lane Departure Warning system (LDW): Warns of unintentional lane departure
  • Lane return assist (LRA): Steers the vehicle actively back into the lane

MAN ACC Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go function
Adaptive cruise control: MAN ACC Stop & Go

  • Controls the speed of the truck
  • Maintains the distance to traffic ahead
  • Relieves the driver in heavy traffic by automatic braking and starting

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Active steering system MAN ComfortSteering
Electronically controlled steering system: MAN ComfortSteering

  • Adjusts the steering force to the respective driving situation
  • Supports manoeuvring by providing additional steering torque
  • Reduces the steering force for directional stability on the road

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Lane change support (LCS)
MAN Lane change support (LCS)

  • Monitors the areas to the left and right of your truck
  • Warns early of dangerous situations when changing lanes
  • 2-stage warning through LED bands in the A-pillars

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MAN Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
MAN Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

  • Warns the driver in emergency braking situations
  • Stops the vehicle automatically in case of dangerous situations
  • Warns following traffic with Emergency Stopping Signal (ESS)

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MAN turn assist monitors the area which is difficult to see on the co-driver’s side.
MAN turn assist

  • Monitors areas difficult to see on the co-driver’s side
  • Warns early of dangerous situations whilst turning
  • 3-stage warning via LED bands in the A-pillar

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MAN BirdView: 360° camera system
360° camera system: MAN BirdView

  • Always keep an eye on the immediate surroundings of your vehicle thanks to 360° bird’s-eye view
  • Reduces risk when manoeuvring, shunting and turning
  • Optionally available with recorder for documentation of damages

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MAN rear-view camera
MAN rear-view camera

  • Camera and monitor system show the situation behind the vehicle
  • Available for solo trucks and trucks with trailer or semitrailer

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Congestion assistant for independent driving in stationary traffic
MAN Traffic Jam Assist

  • Controls drive, brake and steering independently
  • Maintains the distance to the vehicle in front and the lane in case of stationary traffic
  • Brakes to a standstill if required and automatically moves off after short stops

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MAN Side Camera System
MAN Side Camera System

  • Detects the blind spot next to the vehicle
  • Transmits the video image to the display in the driver’s cab in real time
  • Additional ultrasonic sensors warn the driver optically and acoustically

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The digital mirror replacement system ensures an ideal overview: by offering a wider direct field of vision and by adapting the digital mirror views to the current driving situation.
Digital mirror replacement system: MAN OptiView

  • Digital exterior cameras replace the mirror arms
  • Extended field of view with minimised blind spots
  • Display views adapt to the driving situation

To the digital MAN OptiView mirror replacement system
The MAN CruiseAssist long-haul assistant automatically maintains the distance to the vehicle ahead and keeps the lane on motorways.
MAN CruiseAssist

  • Maintains the distance and keeps the lane on motorways
  • Brakes automatically and also moves off again
  • Stays within the detected lane markings

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Truck made to measure

We make every MAN your very own MAN.

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MAN Services Accessories, maintenance and financing packages
Our services

  • Accessories perfectly matched to your vehicle
  • Repair and maintenance services which offer you security and cost transparency
  • Financing and rental offers to keep your business moving

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MAN DigitalServices: Up-to-date solutions for fleet management
MAN DigitalServices

  • Efficient fleet management
  • Performance analyses
  • Tailor-made driver trainings

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