Economy & efficiency for your fleet: MAN Truck Services

MAN Truck Services

At a glance

  • Truck fleet management made easy
    A wide range of intelligently networked services for trucks simplify and optimise your business and help to reduce fuel and administrative costs.
  • Cost-efficient truck fleet
    Optimise route planning, vehicle utilisation, downtimes and driver performance – the MAN Services for trucks can have a positive impact on your total cost of ownership.
  • Wide range of services
    Whether in the transport and logistics industry, in construction or distribution transport: with MAN Services for trucks, you are well positioned.

Together we master the challenges of your industry

MAN is your strong partner – with a wide range of services, digital services and telematics solutions.

Services and digital services for your truck fleet

Benefit from our mobility service, extended warranty, financing and rental solutions as well as our professional repair and maintenance service including professional parts supply or MAN Genuine accessories for your truck.

With our clever digital solutions in the field of telematics and fleet management , you can make your business noticeably easier and more transparent – thanks to deployment analyses, driving style assessments, optimisation of vehicle uptimes or driver support.

In addition, we offer you theoretical and practical driver training tailored to your needs, which will help you do your job more safely, efficiently and comfortably.

We help you save time, money and stress. MAN takes care of everything as required, from servicing and invoice management to answering questions relating to guarantees and goodwill.

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MAN keeps you moving for longer: our driveline or complete vehicle extended warranties ensure greater protection against unforeseen repair costs.

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The MAN uptime guarantee keeps you moving. We are never far away in the event of a breakdown and, even if downtime or repairs are required, we will get you back on the road in no time.

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The vehicle technology and the operating media must harmonise perfectly, even under extreme conditions. MAN operating media protect engine, gearbox and axle against wear and thus reduce the overall operating costs.

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Via the online ordering service in the MAN Service Portal, workshop operators can order the MAN Genuine parts they want directly from the dealership of their choice – straightforward, quick and affordable.

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With compliance with strict quality standards guaranteed, MAN Genuine Parts are the ideal match for your vehicle. It’s the only way for your MAN vehicle to be driven safely, efficiently and with minimum wear.

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Easily tailor your MAN to your needs with our high-quality accessories. Subsequently and simply. With products exactly matching your MAN model. And matching you.

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  • Free basic package with the most important basic functions for fleet administration
  • Reliable journey history and vehicle-related deployment analysis
Directly to the booking in the Marketplace
  • Maintenance status of your fleet always in view
  • Detailed overview of individual vehicle components
  • Coordinate workshop and maintenance appointments
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  • Journey history of the previous 25 months for identifying optimisation potential of operational performance
  • Reliable, efficient route planning with extensive map material
Directly to the booking in the Marketplace
  • Shortened GPS tracking interval for up-to-the-minute location tracking of your vehicles
  • Allows you to make timely changes to route planning
Directly to the booking in the Marketplace
  • Automatically read and store tachograph and driver card data
  • Easily archive trip and operational data

*Not available for the MAN Lion's City E

Directly to the booking in the Marketplace
  • Clear indication of driving and rest periods
  • Individual and efficient deployment and route planning thanks to up-to-the-minute transmission of driver activities
Directly to the booking in the Marketplace
  • Thanks to the new and convenient over-the-air technology, you can easily activate existing functions of your truck, extend them or add new ones without having to stop off in a MAN service outlet.
  • Permanently or – depending on your individual driving and business requirements – even temporarily.
Directly to the booking in the Marketplace
  • Free digital support for truck drivers
  • Conducted departure check including checklist
  • Connecting driver, fleet manager and workshop
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  • Meaningful vehicle analyses to identify inefficient driving styles
  • Allows comparable driver evaluations for your fleet
Directly to the booking in the Marketplace

Even the best MAN is only as good as the person behind the wheel. With MAN ProfiDrive, we qualify the drivers for safe and economic handling and support business owners in the continued optimisation of their business performance.

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Our bespoke financing packages provide just the solution for your personal needs.

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There is never a good time for a vehicle to break down. But if something does go wrong, we’re only a call away – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: Tel. 00800 66 24 53 24 (00800 Mobile24)*

* Landline free of charge. Mobile charges may vary, depending on the provider.

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Here you will find information and offers for repair work, maintenance, services and training sessions. Registration in the MAN Service Portal is free of charge and without obligation.

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