MAN TGE InVehicle Apps
MAN InVehicle Apps

MAN TGE InVehicle Apps Info & Instructions

With MAN Connect and the online-capable infotainment systems we are bringing digital change to your MAN TGE – networking driver, vehicle and environment.The standard MAN telematics box and the MAN Media Van Business and MAN Media Van Business Navigation infotainment systems provide you access to the InVehicle Apps which are described in detail hereinafter.


Infotainment system disclaimer

In the disclaimer you will find:

  • Imprint
  • End user licence agreement
  • Open source licences used
Offline disclaimer

If the vehicle is not online, you can retrieve the MAN imprint via the QR code displayed. Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone.

Note: For safety reasons, this app cannot be used while driving.

Weather app

The weather app allows you to retrieve weather information for different locations. The options to choose from can be found at the bottom of the screen.
(In the “MAN Media Van Business” equipment variant, weather information can only be retrieved for the current location of the vehicle.)

Weather app main screen

Today – current weather for today (at the selected location)

Weather details

Details – details of today’s weather (at the selected location)

7 day preview

7 days – display of the 7 day preview (at the selected location)

Select a specific day of the 7 day preview to see more details about the weather (of the selected day).

Rain radar

Radar – display of the weather radar (at the selected location)

Entering new locations – weather

Press the menu button to add more cities to your favourites list. For this purpose, enter the name of the city in the search field that appears.
(Only available with the “MAN Media Van Business Navigation” equipment variant.)
Choose the selected cities (favourites list) by using the swipe function in the main menu. The cities appear as blue dots at the bottom of the screen. If a current destination has been selected in the navigation system, it will be displayed as a selection option as well. A maximum of 8 cities can be saved in the favourites list.
Use the back button to return to the main menu.

Note: For safety reasons, this app cannot be used while driving.

News & Messages

You can receive the latest news on a wide range of topics via the news app.

Selection of topic area – news

Select the topic area at first.

Selection – individual messages

You can then select the desired item to access the detailed view.

View – selected message

The back button takes you back one level or back to the main menu.

Note: For safety reasons, this app cannot be used while driving.