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Optimised uptime

Optimised uptime

At a glance

  • Safety enhancing assistance systems
    Long-haul assistant , lane change support or turn assist : With its assistance systems , your MAN TGX reaches a new level of safety.
  • Proactive maintenance management
    We plan the maintenance appointments for your MAN TGX, thus optimising uptime.
  • Custom-made digital solutions
    Thanks to an innovative electronic architecture and digital services, your MAN TGX is always connected with you and the MAN service outlet.

Smart assistance systems

The assistance and safety systems of the MAN TGX combine state-of-the-art technology with intuitive operation.

The functionality of the long-haul assistant in an illustrated video.

Keep a safe distance in heavy traffic. When the road is clear, the truck should not only be kept at speed, but also reliably on track. This is often tiring, especially when driving on fully developed trunk roads and motorways. MAN CruiseAssist takes the strain off the driver: Our long-haul assistant adjusts the vehicle’s speed and automatically maintains the necessary distance to the traffic ahead – even in stop-and-go traffic. Furthermore, the assistance system generates gentle steering movements to ensure that the truck stays within the marked lane.

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ACC Stop & Go adaptive cruise control

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop & Go function automatically regulates the speed and the distance between you and the traffic ahead. The desired speed is maintained without needing to operate the accelerator pedal. The truck can automatically brake to a standstill and move off again after short stops.

To the MAN ACC Stop & Go

Lane Change Support LCS

Dual safety: From a speed of 50 km/h (31 mph), lane change support LCS monitors the areas next to the lane in which the vehicle is driving using radar sensors and emits a warning when a dangerous situation is detected. If the vehicle unintentionally leaves the lane in which it is driving, lane return assist LRA steers the vehicle back via a corrective steering manoeuvre.

To the lane change support LCS
To the Lane Return Assist LRA

Turn Assist

Reliable assistance whilst turning, manoeuvring and changing lanes:
Turn assist monitors the areas next to the vehicle – including blind spots – on the co-driver’s side. The three-stage warning cascade alerts the driver depending on how urgent it is to interfere. Stage 1: one LED light, Stage 2: three LED lights, Stage 3: additional warning sound.

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A strong connection

The MAN TGX: Heart of a lion and a digital soul.

The quickest way is via the data path. This is why the MAN TGX comes with tailor-made digital solutions to get the best out of your truck.

The basis for this is the vehicle electrical system. It was designed with one purpose in mind, and that is to keep the four pillars of your company connected at all times:

  • Driver and vehicle
  • The entire fleet
  • Your customers
  • The MAN service outlets

A road in the mountains.

MAN DigitalServices: for movers and shakers

Wanting to speed up processes means being at home online. Just like the MAN TGX, for which we have a continuously growing selection of tailor-made digital services in store. The aim is to optimise fleet management, increase uptime, reduce costs and to provide drivers with the support they need.

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MAN Now upgrades icon

MAN Now: Continuous upgrades

Back to the workshop to bring your truck up to date? Not an option. This is why you can now download new functions for your truck via MAN Now Upgrade using Over-The-Air technology. Whether you want to increase vehicle efficiency, improve the productivity of your drivers or ensure better uptime, we provide you with innovative solutions at just one click.

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MAN Driver App

MAN Driver App: Trucker’s little helper

With the MAN Driver App, support is right at your fingertips. Digital pre-departure check, access to individual driving style analyses, direct connection to breakdown service, vehicle data analysis via Perform, overviews of driving and rest times plus control of the infotainment system – all this conveniently bundled and right at your fingertips on your smartphone.

MAN Driver App for Android

MAN Driver App for iOS

A digitally networked globe.

Cybersecurity: for safe vehicle operation

While increasing digitisation and networking of electronic systems in vehicles enables myriad new useful functions and applications, it also provides attack surfaces for hackers. In light of this, cybersecurity is playing an increasingly important role. MAN consistently protects all vehicle systems against unauthorised access by taking appropriate measures. These prevent the use of data by unauthorised persons and ensure secure vehicle operation.

Downtimes? Time to cut them down

MAN ServiceCare keeps your trucks and your business up and running in the best way possible.

MAN Service Care

MAN ServiceCare: Maintenance instead of repair

Maintenance can be planned, keeps your vehicle up and running, thus helping you achieve your business goals. MAN ServiceCare supports you in organising vehicle maintenance – transparently and flexibly. Configure the maintenance management so as to exactly meet the needs of your company – with individually tailored solution packages. For example, by smartly combining appointments to minimise downtime.

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A driver watches television in his MAN truck.

24 V battery management system : for a reliable start

Empty batteries and non-starters due to excessive use of electrical devices during rest times – with the new 24 V Battery Management System, this is a thing of the past. The system comprehensively monitors the state of the battery to detect critical conditions at an early stage and ensure that the vehicle engine can be started. If discharge status is imminent, comfort consumers are automatically switched off. In the event of a possible deep discharge – and the associated battery damage – or loss of starting ability, MAN battery management completely stops power consumption , deactivates idle shut down, and raises the idle speed .

MAN Service: quick response, minimum delay

We know that your time is precious, so we respond as quickly as possible with our comprehensive services.

MAN workshop

Next exit: MAN

It doesn’t take long to find us. Our more than 1,600 workshops in numerous countries form an extensive service network. Always close to a motorway, of course. And because breakdowns don’t happen according to schedule and waiting times cost money, you can always rely on us to respond as quickly as possible.

MAN Mobile24

MAN Mobile24: comprehensive support for you

Our workshops are available 24/7. The most direct way to contact us is via the MAN Driver App: It is quick and uncomplicated to reach the ServiceCenter and information such as the location of the breakdown can transmitted in real time. What’s more, you will be kept up-to-date with the estimated time of arrival of the breakdown service.

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A customer receives advice from a MAN partner.

Genuine is always best

Approx. 80 % of all spare parts are readily available when you arrive at one of our workshops. Approx. 95 % can be sourced for the following day, special parts within as little as a week. This means that your truck spends a minimum amount of time in the workshop and is soon back where it belongs to drive in profit for you: on the road. By the way, also included in the package is the tried and tested MAN safety and reliability – with two years warranty on parts and service.

More about MAN Genuine Parts

Profile of Lukas Jung.

The modern assistance systems take a great deal of stress off the driver and offer a high level of safety. This considerably reduces the risk of accidents.

Lukas Junk (left), Authorised Representative Junk Logistik und Transport

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