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Maximum efficiency made easy

The new MAN TGS is efficient and economical – for heavy-duty transports as well as for special applications

At a glance

  • Higher payload benefit
    More compact, more streamlined, more powerful: The driveline of the MAN TGS offers increased payload whilst also delivering top performance.
  • Even more efficient to run
    One you can count on: Thanks to tailor-made service packages and optimised maintenance intervals, MAN manages to keep the life cycle costs of the MAN TGS transparent and low.

Efficient and robust

The MAN TGS proves that a combination of reduced weight and a reinforced cab creates the perfect harmony.

At the end of the day, what really counts is how much load is transported from A to B. With the efficient MAN engines, this is more than you would expect. The individual components have a light-weight design, meaning you can make optimal use of the permissible additional weight. In terms of safety, the MAN TGS presents itself even stronger than before: Thanks to the reinforced cab bodyshell construction, it passes the new requirements on crash safety with flying colours.

MAN D15 engine

Low weight for maximum payload and a simplified SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment system.

MAN D26 engine

Outstanding payload ratio and optimised thermal management with improved common rail injection system.

The MAN TGS-TS: the payload-optimised semitrailer tractor

Dream weight: The TGS-TS payload-optimised semitrailer tractor in combination with the MAN D15 engine and an TN cab weighs in at an unladen weight of less than 6.5 tonnes. As series standard and ready for you to drive.

MAN TGS cabs

Light, lighter, MAN D15

The powerful 9-litre, 6-cylinder MAN D15 engine boasts outstanding fuel efficiency and low weight, for even more payload.

Team work

The MAN TGS-TS with TN cab gives it all when it comes to special applications with high payloads in national long-haul transport and heavy-duty distribution transport. Its low unladen weight allows for increased payload and the aerodynamic vehicle front reduces fuel consumption compared to wider long-haul cabs.

Even more payload with MAN Individual

Additional factory-provided equipment options, such as alloy wheel rims or omission of the co-driver’s seat, and other modifications available from MAN Individual can reduce the unladen weight by as much as another 205 kg.

Packing a mighty punch: best service at fixed prices

With the MAN Service contracts, you benefit from calculable maintenance – both in terms of time and cost.

MAN Service contracts for cost-transparent repairs and maintenance.

No unexpected costs

The times of calculating unexpected service costs are over. With the various MAN Service contracts, you are always on the safe side – with packages tailored exactly to your requirements. And with the MAN TGS, you can once again benefit from unbeatable cost-effectiveness: The ComfortSuper all-round package is available at a 3% discount compared to the previous series.

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Intelligent maintenance means twofold savings

Your application counts: Depending on how and where you intend to use your MAN TGS, we recommend the suitable maintenance intervals. Adjusting the maintenance interval calculator means that the diesel particulate filter will require cleaning less frequently. This reduces service costs to a minimum and brings you significantly closer to reaching your corporate objectives.

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