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MAN Individual: Where your desire meets our expertise

Tailor-made truck modifications

At a glance

  • Technical modifications
    Our solutions are as individual as your transport tasks. We offer you custom-made products that are perfectly matched to your requirements.
  • Individual vehicle upgrades
    Striking design elements, attachments and conversions for the exterior and interior, LED lighting accents or individual leather equipment – all of this and much more can turn your MAN vehicle into a real eye-catcher.
  • A perfect base for your body
    Our individualised chassis are precision-built for their respective bodies. We precisely prepare the chassis that is needed by our partners for each special body. Here, functionality and reliability have absolute top priority.

Tailor-made truck

We build you exactly the MAN that you need.

The standard equipment in the MAN trucks is comprehensive. But that is just the beginning. You have the choice when it comes to the cab, chassis, driveline, electronics and body – and we have the right solutions.

One-stop service.

You get everything from one source, thus always having an overview of the costs. From order preparation and design right up to production, quality assurance and delivery, your personal contact partner will ensure that you receive your desired vehicle or your ideal chassis rapidly and straightforwardly. Completely individually. MAN Individual.

It all depends on technology

We turn wishes into solutions.

With the cab, the widest variety of interior and exterior conversions are possible.

Each of our cabs offers a high level of driving and living comfort as well as plenty of storage space. If you want more than this, MAN Individual is the right partner by your side. From roof recesses and cab shortenings or extensions right up to cab glazing, additional seat benches or bunk beds, no limits are set to your wishes.

MAN Individual supplies you with exactly the chassis you need.

Do you need special bodies, additional equipment or other preparations for your chassis? Is fine tuning required? Would you like to extend your chassis with additional axles or re-position leading and trailing axles? Or would you like the chassis of your MAN to be equipped with mechanical or hydraulic systems? We look after all of your interests and are available for you personally.

Tailor-made modifications – a job for MAN Individual.

MAN Individual offers you specialised drives – regardless of whether manually operated, automatically operated or fully automatic gearbox. We can also provide retarders for wear-free braking, for vehicles with driven superstructures and attachments or with low working speed.

We equip your MAN truck with the very electronic components you need for your desired vehicle.

With MAN Individual, you can expand the electronics of your MAN truck with numerous components such as additional lighting, warning equipment as well as radio technology and exclusive infotainment. Of course we also have specific solutions tailored to your individual needs. This also includes programmability of vehicle speed and rpm, control displays for driving instructors or additional fire-fighting equipment.

With our innovative camera systems, we help you to keep the road in view when turning and manoeuvring and to almost effortlessly avoid safety risks such as blind spots and other areas difficult to view.

Vehicle monitoring without the driver having to alight from the vehicle is also possible.

MAN BirdView, the 360° camera system for the best possible overview.

MAN BirdView allows a 360° bird’s eye perspective around your truck.

To MAN BirdView

The MAN Side Camera System (SCS) captures the previously invisible area next to your vehicle.

The side camera system (SCS) and eligible video turning aids (VTA) help the driver to keep everything in view when manoeuvring and turning.

To the SCS side camera system

The right equipment for your application

Flexible solutions for fire and emergency services.
Fire service and emergency services vehicles
  • Crew cab
  • Driver’s cab extension
  • Allison fully automatic transmission
  • ECER29/3 approved cab rear wall cut-out
  • Various chassis adaptations for fire service bodies
  • 360° camera system MAN BirdView plus side camera system (SCS) and video turn assist (VTA)
Ideas for refuse collector vehicles to make work processes more efficient.
Municipal vehicles
  • Allison fully automatic transmission
  • OMSI efficient power take-off
  • 360° camera system MAN BirdView
Individual conversions for food transport on long and short distances.
Refrigerated goods vehicles
  • Preparation FRIGO Block
  • 360° camera system MAN BirdView plus side camera system (SCS) and video turn assist (VTA)
Bodies and special equipment for agricultural and forestry vehicles.
Agricultural & Forestry Trucks
  • Cab glazing for wood chippers
  • Efficient power take-off (OMSI)
An ideal basis for bodies in the construction site and concrete sector.
Construction Vehicles & Concrete Mixers
  • Flat roof
  • Preparation for concrete pump
  • Preparation for crane superstructure
Tailor-made solutions for liquid and gas transport.
Tanker & Silo Trucks
  • Payload optimisation
  • 360° camera system MAN BirdView plus side camera system (SCS) and video turn assist (VTA)
Large selection for long-haul and distribution transport.
Long-haul and distribution transport
  • Swap systems (BDF, hydraulic, mechanical)
  • Semitrailer tractor (for MAN TGM & TGL)
  • Vehicle refinement
  • 360° camera system MAN BirdView plus side camera system (SCS) and video turn assist (VTA)
Sophisticated answers to special requirements.
Special vehicles
  • Vehicle preparation (skylifters, oilfield application, car transporter and airfield)
  • Various axle and wheelbase configurations (5-axle, 17.5" leading axle and more)
  • Special fuel tanks
  • Efficient power take-off (OMSI)

Mine is like no other

Turn your truck into a flagship: MAN Individual.

Life is all cakes and ale – at least with MAN Individual. We can upgrade your truck to suit your wishes and requirements. This will make it exclusively unique – from a first glance at the design right up to a feeling of well-being throughout the entire driver’s cab.

MAN individual interior design
MAN individual interior lighting
MAN Individual Lion offers comfort in XL.
One like no other:
The MAN Individual Lion
  • Premium cabin
  • Expressive design and impressive comfort
  • Prestigious object
To MAN Individual Lion
The MAN TGX Individual Lion S
Lion without compromise: The MAN TGX Individual Lion S
  • Stunning exterior design
  • Maximum interior comfort
  • Absolute high performance
To MAN TGX Individual Lion S
The MAN TGS Individual Lion S
King on every construction site: the MAN TGS Individual Lion S
  • Stunning exterior design
  • Robust, comfortable interior
  • Absolute off-road capability
To MAN TGS Individual Lion S

You can count on us!

Your truck is perfectly prepared for bodies with MAN Individual.

Beautifully prepared for the widest variety of bodies with MAN Individual.

What doesn’t fit is made to fit with MAN Individual. We offer you custom-made chassis precisely tailored to your needs.

Solutions: always different. Quality: always high.

Precisely as with the standard chassis, with MAN Individual you are building upon excellent MAN quality excelling in outstanding reliability and safety. And what’s more: After delivery of the modified chassis, you benefit from our guarantee and warranty.

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