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MAN D2862

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MAN D2862

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MAN D2862

Compact installation dimensions

MAN D2862

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MAN D2862

MAN D2862 engine

MAN engines for agricultural and construction machinery

The MAN D2862 LE13x has a power range of 588 to 816 kW (800 to 1,110 HP), available in power ratings of 588, 650, 750 and 816 kW (800, 884, 1,020 and 1,110 HP). With a cylinder bore of 128 mm and a stroke of 157 mm, the MAN 12-cylinder engine offers a displacement of 24.24 litres. As a result, the unit generates a remarkable maximum torque of 3,750 to 5,000 Nm between 1,300 and 1,400 rpm using wastegate turbocharging, for example for installation in forage harvesters and heavy construction machinery.

Compact installation dimensions of 1,660 x 1,333 x 1,391 mm (L x W x H) and a modular exhaust gas aftertreatment system with freely positionable single components offer machine manufacturers the highest level of flexibility when designing system installations. To comply with Tier 4 final and EU Stage V emission standards, the MAN D2862 LE13x uses “SCR only” technology (selective catalytic reduction) without exhaust gas recirculation.

MAN has over 40 years experience as an engine supplier for agricultural machine manufacturers, a fact which comes to bear in the engines that MAN specially develops for agricultural machinery. In addition to designing particularly robust components, such as auxiliary units or belt drives, the engines are also well-equipped to be used in dusty, hot conditions thanks to insulation measures on the exhaust system. For maximum oblique positions, MAN engineers create special oil pans and design the power supply based on a 12 V vehicle electrical system commonly used in agricultural equipment, in addition to also offering a 24 V standard variant. Even the integration of engines into specific installation spaces and vehicle concepts is part of the MAN Engines service portfolio. “It was back in the early 80s that we first installed our highly robust load-bearing structure consisting of the oil pan, crankcase and flywheel housing. Together they became the load-bearing parts in agricultural tractor construction and thus helped create a particularly small turning circle and low vehicle weight,” explains Hubert Gossner, Head of Off-Road at MAN Engines, with pride.

Engine width mm 1,333
Engine length mm 1,660
Engine height mm 1,391
Engine height over crankshaft mm 800
Weight kg 1,950
Max. permissible oblique position axial/transverse (inclination when installed considered) ° 22/22 (40 % at 0° installation position)
Cylinder arrangement   90° V
Number of cylinders   12
Bore mm 128
Stroke mm 157
Displacement l 24.24
Operating mode   4-stroke diesel
Combustion process   8-jet direct injection
Injection system   Common Rail (CR)
Engine control unit   Bosch EDC17 (fully integrated EDC)
Type of injection pump   Bosch CP3.4
Direction of rotation looking at flywheel   Left
Rated power according to ISO 1585; 89/491 EWG kW (HP) 588 – 816 (800 – 1,110)
Nominal speed rpm 1,800
Max. torque at nominal speed according to UN ECE-R120 Nm/ rpm 3,750 – 5,000 / 1,300 – 1,400
Specific output kW/l 24.26 – 33.42
Exhaust status   US EPA Tier 4 final/CARB, EU Stage V
Exhaust gas aftertreatment   SCR-only
Air compressor delivery / engine revolution at back pressure bar
Oil fill quantity without/with filter l 59/64
Alternator transmission ratio   1 : 3.0
Generator V/A 14 or 28 / 80 – 270
Starter motor V/kW 24/7

Subject to technical changes due to further development

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