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MAN D2676 6-cylinder engine

MAN D2676 6-cylinder engine

Flexible and efficient especially for agricultural equipment

The MAN D2676 6-cylinder engine from 400 to 520 HP

The D2676 in-line 6-cylinder engine made by MAN Enigines is the new benchmark for powering forage harvesters, combine harvesters and tractors, as well as excavators, shredders and crane vehicles. High flexibility in the widest range of applications as well as appreciably high efficiency convince machinery manufacturers and end users of the quality of the compact power pack.

The MAN D2676 echoes the rating range from 294 to 382 kW (400 to 520 HP) at 1,950 rpm of its proven predecessor. The efficient power pack is available in four power ratings: 294 kW, 324 kW, 353 kW, 382 kW (400 HP, 440 HP, 480 HP, 520 HP).

With its cylinder bore of 126 mm and a stroke of 166 mm, the D2676 develops its maximum torque of 1,875 to 2,400 Nm from a displacement of 12.4 litres. The D2676 satisfies the stringent EU Stage V and US EPA Tier 4 final/CARB emission standards. Downgraded variants for countries with less stringent exhaust gas regulations are also available.

A spacial mirracle: Flexibility thanks to modular exhaust gas aftertreatment

Thanks to variable positioning of individual components of the SCR catalyst, the modular exhaust gas aftertreatment system allows a wide range of installation variants. This kind of module kit makes for flexibility throughout the range. Beside this, the engine’s compact dimensions of 1,376 x 925 x 1,288 mm (length x width x height) allow engineers maximum freedom for designing the perfect driveline for a particular vehicle. Airless dosing of the urea solution for SCR yields further space-related advantages. “With the D2676 LE13x we have created an extremely efficient and flexible engine with benefits for vehicle manufacturers, machine operators and drivers alike,” said Hubert Gossner, Head of Off-Road MAN Engines.

Power source: High efficiency thanks to variable turbine geometry

As a long-standing expert in the off-road sector, MAN presents the D2676, an engine that has been specifically developed and optimised for the requirements of agricultural machinery. Based on the large-scale series production technology of the MAN vehicle engines, this power unit impresses with long service intervals and low maintenance requirements. The variable turbine geometry makes it possible to adjust torque curves perfectly to specific applications:

Gossner is convinced: “We can configure the engine characteristics individually and optimally to any application and thus get the maximum efficiency for the user out of the engine.” Targeted use of this efficient technology gives the D2676 attractive features such as dynamic response, high torque in the low engine speed range and an improved torque curve. The outcome of this combination of variable turbine geometry and the experience of MAN’s engineers is reduced fuel consumption coupled with lower noise emissions than the predecessor model.

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