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MAN engines Motor V12

MAN 12-cylinder yacht engine with 1,397 kW (1,900 HP)

In September 2015, MAN Engines presented this back then most powerful high-speed four-stroke diesel engine to the world public at the Yachting Festival in Cannes. The twelve-cylinder V-engine with 1,397 kW (1,900 HP) has the distinctive name V12-1900 and was specially designed for use in luxury yachts up to over 100 feet. The complete redesign of injection, engine and cooling system has allowed MAN to achieve an increase in output of 74 kW (100 HP) compared to the established V12-1800.

MAN engines marine V12

With installation dimensions of 2,139 x 1,153 x 1,265 mm (length x width x height), the V12-1900 offers the compact dimensions familiar from MAN engines. Thanks to the power increase to 1,397 kW (1,900 HP), the extremely powerful MAN Truck & Bus series-production engine with 2,365 kg (dry) has an outstanding power-to-weight ratio with a high power density and compact installation dimensions. This allows architects and shipbuilders particular creative freedom. The V12-1900 is one of the most powerful engines in the MAN Engines portfolio, offering sufficient power reserves for overtaking manoeuvres and driving pleasure on luxury yachts thanks to a maximum torque of 6,220 Nm at 1,200 to 2,100 rpm. The bolide draws its power from its 24.2 litres of displacement, which ensures high power delivery even in the lower rev range while simultaneously providing it over a wide rev range. The balanced and constant acceleration behaviour, which extends into the upper rev range, provides pleasant driving comfort.

MAN engines marine V12

The special design ensures smooth running and thus a relaxed ride with additional comfort on board. “With the V12-1900, we are setting the benchmark in this power class in terms of dry weight, specific power and power-to-weight ratio,” says Claus Benzler, Head of Marine MAN Engines, proudly. The V12-1900’s specific fuel consumption of 190 g/kWh at its optimum point is also on the same low level as its heavier sister model, the V12-1800.

MAN engines marine V12

With the V12-1900, MAN answers the demand for more power for both planing and displacement hulls. At the same time, the Bavarian engine manufacturer gains relevance for ship types with higher performance requirements by increasing the number of horsepower. MAN thus offers shipyards a perfectly coordinated spectrum for all performance requirements in leisure boating.

MAN engines marine V12

The product range offers in-line 6-cylinder as well as V8 and V12 engines and covers the full range of performance from 537 to 1,397 kW (730 to 1,900 HP). All engines meet the world’s most common emission requirements, including the stringent EPA Tier 3 emissions standard. For particularly discerning customers, optional gold-plated or chrome-plated cylinder head covers and a design cover are available.

Performance data 1
Rated power 1,397 kW / 1,900 PS
Maximum torque 6,220 Nm between 1,200 – 2,100 rpm
Displacement 24.2 l
Main dimensions 2
Length x width x height 2,139 x 1,153 x 1,265 mm
Height of engine top edge to crankshaft centre 811 mm
Length to edge of flywheel housing 1,658 mm
Dry weight 2,365 kg
  1. Values at rated power
  2. All data is approximate. For detailed information please ask for installation drawings.

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