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MAN Engines solutions for EGA

MAN Engines solutions for EGA
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MAN Engines solutions for exhaust gas aftertreatment

MAN Engines complies with Euro 6c/d, EU Stage V, US EPA/CARB Tier 4, TA Luft and IMO Tier III

MAN Engines exhaust gas aftertreatment

In order to comply with the most important global directives, MAN Engines offers its customers numerous and flexible solutions for reducing emissions. From exhaust gas recirculation to diesel particulate filters and SCR systems, MAN Engines and its partners have a wide range of options for exhaust gas aftertreatment. This enables us to present you with customised solutions that meet your needs. Our engines meet the modern requirements for emission standards such as EU Stage V or US Tier 4, while at the same time enabling emission downgrades for countries with less stringent requirements. In addition, as a customer you benefit from the high quality of the components used, which have proven themselves not only in MAN Engines but also hundreds of thousands of times in the large-scale production of MAN commercial vehicles.

The emission reduction solution for a wide range of applications

On-Road Euro 6c/d
Off-Road EU Stage V
  US EPA/CARB Tier 4
  China 3
Marine IMO Tier III
  US EPA Tier 4
  EU Stage V

Subject to technical changes. Emission levels shown not available for all engine types in a range of applications.

The modular exhaust gas aftertreatment (EGA) with SCR

MAN Engines modular exhaust gas aftertreatment (EGA) impresses with its high compactness and flexibility for the tightest installation spaces. With individual components that can be variably positioned, it enables different installation variants and system integration according to requirements. The modular EGA is available for different applications and across all segments. Heart of the EGA is an SCR catalytic converter (Selective Catalytic Reduction), with the help of which the nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gases are specifically reduced. For this purpose, a 32.5 % urea solution (AdBlue©) is metered into an SCR mixer and continuously injected directly into the exhaust tract. There, the solution reacts with the nitrogen oxides and converts them into water (H2O) and harmless nitrogen (N2). The system can either be used alone as SCR-Only or combined with other components such as DOC/DPF (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst/Diesel Particulate Filter) to fulfil a wide range of emission guidelines.

Modular exhaust gas aftertreatment in a nutshell

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