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MAN engine sales for the Americas: MAN Engines & Components Inc.

MAN engine sales for the Americas: MAN Engines & Components Inc.
MAN Engines:

General importer of MAN Engines for the Americas

Important facts about MAN engine sales in the Americas

MAN Engines & Components Inc. in Pompano Beach, Florida/USA has been the main importer and service representative for MAN engines, components and spare parts throughout North, Central and South America since 1997. The American subsidiary of MAN Truck & Bus SE has many years of experience in upgrading MAN marine engines, gearboxes and electronic components.

In addition, MAN Engines & Components imports and distributes MAN diesel engines for power generation, agricultural machinery and industrial applications, as well as MAN gas engines for cogeneration units.

High-quality chassis components, transfer cases and axles for buses and heavy-duty trucks round off the product range. As the main service centre for MAN marine engines, MAN Engines & Components is responsible for the MAN service network with around 90 service centres in the Americas.

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Guarantee/warranties and service products

Warranty for yacht engines

All MAN yacht engines are supplied ex works with a two-year warranty, which applies to the complete MAN scope of supply. Free of charge, you also receive an extension (Gold Standard), which runs for a further three years on the main components. With the Gold Standard Premium extension, you have the option of additional protection for yourself and your investments:

Gold Standard Premium offers you an extension of three years, bringing the total to five years, and covers all components of the engine. The operating time can thus be increased to either 2,500 or 4,000 hours.

More information about the Gold Standard Premium extension for yachts:

Terms & Conditions Gold Standard Premium

Registration Form Gold Standard Premium

Warranty for workboat engines

All MAN engines for workboats are delivered ex works with a one-year warranty. This warranty applies to the complete MAN’s scope of supply and therefore also to all parts of the engine.

Work PLUS|1 or Work PLUS|2 offers you an extension of the warranty by up to a further two years and thus up to a total of 3 years warranty.

More information about the Work PLUS extension for workboats:

Terms & Conditions Work PLUS|1 or PLUS|2

Registration Form Work PLUS|1 or PLUS|2

The following files contain approved lubricants for MAN engines and axles. This information is only accessible to our service partners and is therefore password protected.


MAN 342 S1

MAN 342 M2

MAN 342 M3

MAN 284 LI-H1

Your engine is covered by a basic mechanical warranty. In addition, your engine is covered by an emissions-related warranty required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for non-road engines installed in U.S.-registered boats and work machines. Details can be found in the download here.

Emissions guarantee for off-road engines

MAN D26 / 38 I6 US Tier 4 & D28 V12 US Tier 4

Emissions guarantee for marine engines

MAN Marine engines US EPA Tier 3 commercial

MAN Marine engines US EPA Tier 3 recreational

MAN Marine engines US EPA Tier 3 recreational with SCR-System

MAN Marine engines US EPA Tier 4

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