Great efficiency and economy

Exceptional economy and efficiency on long-haul routes

At a glance

  • Reduced fuel consumption
    Economical engines, improved aerodynamics and many other efficiency-boosting innovations such as the new rear axle effect fuel savings of up to 8.2 %.
  • Top savings thanks to MAN EfficientCruise
    The GPS-supported cruise control analyses the route and automatically calculates the most efficient driving style and speed.
  • Customised driver support
    Perform provides specific vehicle data which can then be used to optimise operational performance, for example by using it as a basis for our MAN Connected CoDriver training.

Up to 8.2 % fuel savings with the new MAN TGX

The new MAN TGX saves up to 8.2 % fuel thanks to its economic Euro 6d engines and other efficiency-enhancing innovations such as the new rear axle. This was also proven during a TÜV SÜD test drive.

Up to 8.2 % fuel savings with the new MAN TGX

A full load of savings

The aim of our engines for the new MAN TGX is clear: more power, less consumption.

If you want to stay ahead, you need a reliable drive system. To guarantee this, there is no way too long for MAN. In the new MAN TGX, powerful and efficient D15, D26 and D38 engines deliver more payload while saving fuel at the same time. Together with other efficiency-enhancing innovations such as the new, even longer rear axle, the new MAN TGX reduces its fuel consumption by up to 8.2 percent.

Further, stronger, more efficient.

The motto of the MAN D26 is: “There’s still room for more”. It offers up to 80 kg more payload, an additional 10 HP and a higher torque of +100 Nm to drive your company forward. In the case of the compact MAN D15, it was possible to reduce the weight by up to 300 kg together with the optimised final drive. Less becomes more for you.

MAN D15 engine

Low weight for maximum payload and a simplified SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment­system.

MAN D26 engine

Outstanding payload ratio and optimised thermal management with improved common rail injection system.

MAN D38 engine

Powerful traction and optimised running characteristics at low fuel consumption.


Newly developed drive axle with efficiency-optimised transmission.

The new low-friction oil supports low-friction processes.

The new 5W-20 low-friction engine oil provides reduced wear and even fuel savings.

MAN EfficientCruise: Predictive cruise control.

Using GPS, MAN EfficientCruise scans uphill and downhill gradients and calculates the most efficient driving style.

GPS-assisted Cruise Control: MAN EfficientCruise

This is how you drive the best out of your MAN TGX

With Perform and MAN Connected CoDriver, attain the ideal operational performance without losing time.


Perform allows you to always keep an eye on the vehicle performance. This means that any potential room for improvement can be quickly identified and the fleet can thus operate more efficiently.


MAN Connected CoDriver

MAN Connected CoDriver provides driver training when it is really needed: whilst driving. Our trainer dials in via telephone and supports the driver with tips and tricks based on the data delivered by Perform.

MAN Connected CoDriver

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