MAN BirdView: 360° camera system

At a glance

  • 360° bird’s-eye view
    Keep an eye on the immediate vicinity of your vehicle, including blind spots
  • Reduced risk when manoeuvring
    Safer manoeuvring and turning thanks to the all-round view of the multi-camera system
  • Documentation of the images
    Optional recorder available as an accessory for documentation of the camera images

360° safety thanks to the all-round view

MAN BirdView provides you with a 360° bird’s-eye view of the immediate vicinity of your vehicle, including all blind spots.

High-resolution cameras

Four HD cameras with fish-eye lenses mounted on the outside of your vehicle transfer their images to the 7-inch colour screen in the cockpit. Thanks to the comprehensive all-round view of the multi-camera system, you can see other traffic or obstacles, thus minimizing the risk when turning or manoeuvring.

Automatic activation

MAN BirdView switches on automatically. The view of the surroundings (front, sides, rear) on your monitor changes depending on the situation. The system takes into account the current speed, activation of an indicator or the gear selection, among other things.

Additional recorder

With the optionally available recorder it is also possible to document the images delivered by your MAN BirdView camera, for example for later damage analysis.

Benefit from increased safety with our innovative camera systems

For new vehicles as well as your existing vehicles: We can equip your vehicles with custom camera systems depending on your requirements. We provide free advice and would be pleased to prepare an offer for your vehicle.

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