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Diversity & Inclusion

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Our Vision for Diversity & Inclusion

At MAN, we believe every human being deserves to be treated fairly and with respect. This means accepting the diversity of characteristics that makes each one of us unique and that, at the same time, unites all of us. Prejudice, discrimination and intolerance have no place at MAN. Through our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, we want to make sure that the voices of our employees are heard and taken into consideration as we work to transform transportation.

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Faces of Diversity

Your diversity is our strength. Find out how our colleagues at MAN have written their individual stories. Discover our interview series "Faces of Diversity".

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What drives us?

The world is changing – and with it our products, our customers and, of course, our employees. Boundaries are disappearing, new technologies are taking hold.

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As a globally active company, we also want to constantly develop and adapt our corporate culture, so that we as a company reflect the lifestyle of today and tomorrow. We also always keep our corporate values of respect, team spirit, responsibility, customer first and elimination of waste.

MAN is part of the TRATON Group. The basis of our cross-brand collaboration are our shared values as well as our commitment towards Diversity & Inclusion. You can find the TRATON Group Diversity & Inclusion Statement here.

Diversity & Inclusion at MAN is part of a broader approach to sustainability, which connects to how we develop our business, products and services together with our suppliers, customers and the communities in which we operate. You can find more about our sustainability practices on our sustainability-page.

Diversity & Inclusion are important prerequisites to being innovative and therefore to being successful. That is why we rely on diversity! Only through different perspectives can we remain competitive and move forwards together into the future. For this reason, we anchor diversity and inclusion in MAN’s DNA and endeavour to be a company in which all people are accepted as they really are – with all visible and invisible talents, experiences and perspectives.

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People in more than 120 countries work together at MAN. We live diversity - every single day. Diversity & inclusion are firmly anchored in our DNA and essential components of our corporate culture. Diverse teams make us even more competitive and foster our innovative strength.

Hubert Altschäffl – Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director, MAN Truck & Bus SE

Where are we?

We understand that Diversity & Inclusion is all about the journey. We at MAN are committed to promoting diversity in the workplace.

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What is the impact?

Employees who feel respected for who they are and who feel that their experiences, perspectives and ideas are valued in the workplace are happier at work.

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In fact, according to a Boston Consulting Group survey of employees who reported they work in an inclusive culture, 81% also responded that they are happy in their jobs. This happiness is translated into productivity: employees who report that they are happy at work are 1.5 times more likely to say they always want to give their best.

It has also been shown that companies with a diverse workforce and management team have greater opportunities for growth and bring up to 75% more innovation to the market (reference Center of Talent Innovation). McKinsey & Company’s “Diversity Wins – How Inclusion Matters” study also shows that companies with high gender diversity are 25% more likely to achieve higher-than-average profits. If we also consider the factor of ethnic diversity, this value is as high as 36%. This is because employees with different perspectives are better at identifying problems, finding new solutions, and thinking their way into customers’ needs. Differences make us strong and we want to make full use of diversity in the company to maximise our business success.

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With Diversity & Inclusion, we create a culture where everyone feels comfortable as they are, and where our differences are respected and valued as an asset.

Karina Schnur – Chairwoman of the General Works Council, MAN Truck & Bus SE

What are we doing?

At MAN, we are ensuring our workforce is one in which different characteristics, both visible and invisible, are represented. A place where different perspectives, ideas, experiences and styles are valued and respected. This is what we mean by Diversity & Inclusion. Take a look at some of our recent projects and activities.

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We strengthen our culture

We want to make sure everyone understands what we mean by Diversity & Inclusion, and that this knowledge is translated into good management processes and practices. To that end, all of our managers took part in the Skill Capture for Inclusive Leadership labs. The labs take a sustainable approach and are designed to enable the MAN management to break down old thought patterns by providing suggestions and ideas, as well as targeted reflections. This should help them to identify unconscious bias and better recognise and promote different skills and perspectives in their teams. In 2022, the Skill Capture methodology was adapted into an online medium and was made available to all employees worldwide. For those who want to deepen their knowledge, MAN offers several courses on topics such as inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, intercultural awareness, among many others.

We continuously revise our HR processes to make sure that they promote diversity-related objectives and ensure equitable opportunities for all. In these revisions, we identify and eliminate potential biases and inequalities by creating objective and transparent criteria and following a multi-eye principle in assessing talents. To ensure that our processes are understood and followed, we provide training to everyone involved.

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We empower women

We acknowledge that achieving gender balance in the workplace is a priority, so we take action to increase the number of women in the company and in our management team, without compromising our principle of hiring and promoting based on competencies and clearly defined criteria. You can read more about our commitment here.

Our recruitment strategy includes measures to attract more women at different stages of their careers, from entry level to management positions. For young women who are about to enter the job market, we offer many different events. To promote our apprenticeship programmes to schoolgirls aged 14 and over, we take part in the annual Girls’ Day, where they can experience the latest truck and bus technology at our production sites. Online registration for this nationwide day of action starts in October each year at

For people who wish to pursue a university degree, or are already studying, MAN offers the Dual Study programme, internships, thesis partnerships and working student positions. For Masters’ graduates, MAN’s Global Champion Trainee Programme offers an unique opportunity to join the truck and bus business. We run an annual career event, where the programme is presented in detail and participants can interact with alumni, managers and HR. For our employees, we offer exciting opportunities for development and growth, such as technical training, leadership courses and mentoring. We especially encourage women to take part in our programmes. Whether you are looking for a career in management or want to become a technical specialist in your field, at MAN, you will find all the support you need.

More information on our vacant positions can be found on the MAN career page.

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We focus on your talent

We actively involve people with different physical and mental abilities and talents in work processes at MAN. To this end, we adapt workplaces to individual requirements. The adaptations enable employees with disabilities to be fully integrated. This has many positive effects for a commercial vehicle manufacturer like MAN. This is because employees with disabilities have a deeper understanding of the challenges that people with disabilities have to overcome on a daily basis. Their input enables us to improve important details of our products.

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We are global

People from around 100 nations worldwide currently work together at MAN. To facilitate integration and the exchange of ideas in this truly multicultural environment, we offer language courses. Training formats range from fully self-paced online learning to face-to-face classroom training. The choice of language is based on individual business needs. Additionally, the MAN Academy regularly offers intercultural awareness training and country-specific intercultural training. The latter is primarily offered for Sweden, India, Turkey and Poland, but training for all other countries where MAN is present is also possible.

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We enable work-life balance

We are looking for professionals who are committed to transforming the world of transportation with us, but we understand that this cannot come at the cost of leaving families and personal lives in the background. The company offers a range of solutions to facilitate a healthy work-life balance. The specific offers vary depending on local labour laws and agreements.

Parental leave, child care support, on-site crèche and kids’ summer camp, and extra leave days to take care of family members give employees the peace of mind to look after their loved ones. With flexible part-time working models and the possibility of trust-based working hours and mobile working, employees and managers can contribute to the company without neglecting other personal commitments or interests.

The physical and mental well-being of our employees is an essential element of our human resources strategy. Courses and counselling on healthy lifestyles, such as nutrition and weight loss, sports, mindfulness and stress reduction. Healthcare and safety management also includes work place design and assessment, inspection and a variety of learning content.

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We connect on many levels

Our networks are multipliers for Diversity & Inclusion into the workforce. The Löwinnen (Lionesses) is a network for women at MAN. It was founded in 2015 and has more than 750 members from various departments. One of the most important goals of the Löwinnen is to promote networking, exchange and mutual support among women within the company and also within the VW Group.

MAN employees of different gender identities and sexual orientations built the proud@MAN network in 2019 for LGBTIQ+ & friends. They contribute to a safe and open environment at MAN, where diversity in terms of gender identity and sexual orientation is perceived, respected and valued. They engage in activities such as communication, awareness training and discussions open to all employees.

In March 2017, MAN signed the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter). This initiative, backed by more than 3,500 German companies and institutions, aims to promote equal opportunities for all and create a working environment that is free of prejudice. By signing this charter, MAN Truck & Bus SE has made a fundamental commitment to the economic and social benefits of diversity, tolerance, fairness, and appreciation in the workplace.

In 2022, MAN entered into a partnership with the PANDA network. PANDA is active throughout Germany and across all industries, and sees itself as a network for women in management positions and those who want to become managers. Currently, more than 3,700 women in leadership positions are connected through it. It offers women a wide range of networking events, exchange and mutual support.

Our collaboration with the Frauen Karriere Index (FKi) gives us access to their expertise in the areas of leadership, diversity and transformation. With this collaboration, we jointly carry out an in-depth evaluation of our structures and processes, which supports us in identifying fields of action to foster women’s careers at MAN.

Faces of Diversity

"It's much more about social interaction and team building than just language"

Mohit Kumar Garg works as a controls engineer at the MAN headquarters in Munich. Originally from Sonipat, around one and a half hours away from New Delhi, Mohit came to Germany in 2015. In 2018, he joined MAN – first as an intern and later on as a PhD student. In this interview, he tells us what it was like for him to work in Germany with limited knowledge of the local language, and how he managed to fit into the new work environment.

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„Sometimes it is hard work to make your dreams come true"

Deniz Bulbul has been working for MAN since October 2021 as a technical project coordinator in the development team for buses in Ankara. He has had an orthopedic disability since birth and wears a prosthesis on his left leg. In this interview, he talks about the situations in which his disability affects his life, how the company supports him, and how he discovered diving despite his physical impairment.

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When detours lead to the goal

Christina Hörl's CV shows how multifaceted work at MAN can be. An interview about women in assembly, perceived detours in the career choice and the fun of the – right – job.

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"Autism is not a disease"

Dominic Diers is autistic and has ADHD – and has had a successful career at MAN for almost twenty years. Today, he works as a Digitalization Expert Learning in the Sales & Customer Service Academy at MAN's headquarters in Munich.

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You've come to the right place at MAN

As a 14-year-old, Abozar Tabibi fled Afghanistan at the end of 2015 – on foot, alone and unable to speak another language. Today, he is 22 and works as a mechatronics technician at MAN’s service centre in Quickborn to the north of Hamburg, where he also completed his apprenticeship.

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The only female bus-builder

Katharina Ansorge is a vehicle mechatronics technician and has been working as a technician in MAN’s service centre in Frankfurt since 2017, the only woman among twelve men. Katharina’s job is to repair and maintain public buses. In this interview, she tells us what it is like for her in a male-dominated profession, what benefits she brings to the team and why more women should be interested in working on heavy buses and trucks.

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„If you maintain a dialogue, you'll find solutions“

Erik Kraus-Boere lives with his wife, two children, his mother-in-law, who needs care, and several animals on a former farm near Frankfurt - and is naturally a manager in the Sales & Customer Solutions department at MAN's Munich headquarters. Erik has worked at MAN since 2006 and has been Head of Sales Used Bus and now Used Van since 2016. Erik tells us in this interview how he combines family, a wife in management, and caring for relatives with his job as a manager.

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Faces of Diversity – the videos

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Double the power

Linda Krupp and Juliane Peters manage the ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ department at MAN as a tandem. The job-sharing model enables managers to lead a department part-time. "I want to be there for my children in the afternoon just as much as I'm there for work in the morning - it's perfect to combine the two," says Linda. Plus, when it comes to conceptual or strategic topics, the professional exchange at eye level is a great enrichment and "the result [is] on a completely different level than if you just think it through on your own."

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"Intercultural projects are very exciting!"

Barbara Nuscheler and her team are involved in the development of hardware for the electric/electronic architecture (EE) in MAN vehicles. In 2016, she worked as a Senior Technical Officer in Södertälje for over two years to experience the collaboration between the TRATON GROUP brands at first hand. During this time, she not only gained valuable experience in intercultural projects, but also built up a professional network that helps her solve her tasks even more successfully to this day.

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"Openness creates space for good solutions"

Bernhard Kürtz, Senior Programme Manager Truck, is responsible for managing the Future Powertrain Programme (FPP) vehicle projects in Engineering and talks about how his life changed from one moment to the next - not only as a husband and new father, but also as a manager.


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