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Whoever brakes wins: MAN EfficientHybrid

MAN EfficientHybrid: Intelligent energy management

At a glance

  • Lower consumption
    MAN EfficientHybrid uses braking energy, thus relieving the diesel engine and reducing emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Emission-free stops
    When stopping, the diesel engine switches off, thanks to the automatic start-stop system. The on-board power supply is fed by stored energy.
  • Durable system
    MAN EfficientHybrid technology has been specifically developed for durability and maintenance-free running.

Your introduction to MAN EfficientHybrid

Our innovative technology briefly explained.

MAN EfficientHybrid briefly explained

Good connection: Efficiency and ecology

We pave the way for intelligent energy management everyone can benefit from.

How MAN EfficientHybrid works

The courage to try something new is the best drive. MAN EfficientHybrid, for example, puts you three times ahead: fewer pollutant and noise emissions, lower fuel consumption and less wear. All this is achieved by a well thought-out system that uses energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Space for innovation

A robust and wear-free electric motor is used between the engine and the gearbox. It serves as a crankshaft starter generator and – together with an UltraCap energy accumulator system placed on the roof and a smart control system – increases the energy efficiency of your buses.

A hybrid through and through

By the way: City buses with MAN EfficientHybrid are officially registered as hybrid buses. This is a clear advantage for every city – also paying off in terms of image.

A team that moves a lot

Integrated crankshaft starter generator

It is connected to the flywheel housing of the engine and works both as a generator and as an electric starter.

Since the conventional starter is not needed for these starting processes, its service life is significantly extended.

When the bus brakes, it generates electricity through the resulting mechanical energy.

When starting, it converts the previously gathered electrical energy back into kinetic energy.

UltraCap energy accumulator

The 48 volt UltraCap energy accumulator is made up of multiple individual cells with high-performance capacitors.

The high-performance capacitors are able to store and release high amounts of electrical energy particularly quickly. Plus, they are lighter and more compact than conventional rechargeable batteries.

Here, electrical energy is stored electrostatically, this means without chemical processes as with conventional batteries.

Intelligent energy management

The self-learning energy management system uses energy where it is needed most.

While stopped, it supplies the vehicle electrical system. While driving, it supports – depending on the amount of stored electricity – the diesel engine with electric drive power.

The goal: maximum possible savings in fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

MAN EfficientHybrid goal by goal

Driving cycle

When the vehicle slows down before coming to a halt at a red light or the next station, the crankshaft starter generator converts the generated brake energy into electrical energy (1). The electricity gathered in this process is then safely stored in the high-performance capacitors of the UltraCap module.

While the vehicle is at standstill, the MAN EfficientHybrid system turns off the combustion engine (2). At the same time, the UltraCap accumulator takes over the supply of the vehicle electrical system. All functions, such as opening and closing of the doors, operation of the interior lighting and the ventilation are now supplied with power by the accumulator.

Once driving off again, the crankshaft starter generator uses the available energy from the UltraCap capacitors to start the combustion engine.

If sufficient energy is available in the UltraCap module, the EfficientHybrid system also supplies the vehicle electrical system with power while driving (3). In addition, the crankshaft starter generator can use excess stored energy to act as an additional hybrid drive and thereby take some of the load off the combustion engine.

Technical Data

Storage capacity Ultra-Cap energy accumulator 40 Wh
Crankshaft starter generator (CSG) or integrated starter generator (ISG) Three-phase reluctance machine
Cooling system Air cooling
Max. output 12 kW
Max. torque 220 Nm
Additional weight 170 kg
Registration as hybrid vehicle Yes
Stop-start function Yes
Supply of the vehicle electrical system Yes
Support for the combustion engine Yes

Did you know that operating costs make up the second largest cost block of your TCO?

Compare the TCO now and save up to 16 % fuel with the new MAN Lion’s City EfficientHybrid.
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The MAN Lion’s City
The MAN Lion’s City
  • Get started with 280-360 HP
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The MAN Lion’s City G
  • Up to 97 % pollutant reduction
  • High range: up to 500 km
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The MAN Lion’s Intercity LE
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