The maximum: MAN GX cab for diesel and electric trucks

Our MAN GX cab offers working, living and sleeping comfort in XXL format and is therefore ideal for long journeys in international long-haul transport.

At a glance

  • Ideal for long distance travel
    On the road in the highest league: The driver-focused, ergonomic cockpit offers first-class comfort for driver and co-driver.
  • Extra high interior
    Low centre tunnel, high roof and generous cabin design: The MAN GX cab offers you a high degree of comfort, be it standing or moving.
  • Maximum on-board comfort
    A restful night’s sleep thanks to comfortable beds with slatted frames, effective acoustic insulation, generous storage space and well thought-out interior.

MAN GX cab for diesel trucks in detail

Comprehensive view: Explore the MAN GX cab inside and out

MAN GX cab for electric trucks in detail

Explore the MAN GX cab inside and out

MAN GX cab – specifications

The “hotel suite” among MAN driver’s cabs offers a high level of comfort – ideal for long distances in international long-haul transport.

External dimensions Width: 2440 mm
Length: 2280 mm
Height: 2150 mm
Seats and sleeping places No. of seats: 2
Sleeping places: 2
Dimensional drawing

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