The spacious: MAN GN cab for diesel and electric trucks

Our MAN GN driver’s cab convinces with its low tare weight, excellent superstructure capability and spacious on-board comfort.

At a glance

  • Light and suited for superstructures
    The normal height design is ideal for trucks with special bodies on top of the driver’s cab. Low weight enables additional payload.
  • High living comfort and enjoyable breaks
    The storage concept offers plenty of room for luggage and ensures plenty of freedom of movement in the extra-large interior.
  • Combines work and recreation
    The spacious cockpit is designed to provide optimal driver support. The comfortable bed with slatted frame ensures excellent sleeping comfort.

MAN GN cab for diesel trucks in detail

Comprehensive view: Explore the MAN GN cab inside and out

MAN GN cab for electric trucks in detail

Explore the MAN GN cab inside and out

MAN GN cab – specifications

Thanks to its lower height, our GN cab offers good superstructure capability, but maintaining comfort for work and breaks.

External dimensions Width: 2440 mm
Length: 2280 mm
Height: 1660 mm
Seats and sleeping places No. of seats: 2
Sleeping places: 1
Dimensional drawing

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