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Product introduction: MAN E3268 gas engine in a variant with 320 kW

 MAN E3268

Familiar reliability! Founded on a proven base power unit, MAN Engines has designed a reliable engine in line with the latest technology and extensively tested it in field trials.

Efficient operation: Proven reliability

The MAN E3268 LE242 is based on the E3268 variant with 370 kWmech, which was introduced in 2013, and has therefore been tried and tested in the field hundreds of times over. The V8 engine is available in a variant optimised for natural gas with a compression ratio of ε 12:1 and can also be used with biogas with a compression ratio of ε 13.6:1. Potential uses in electricity-led CHP (cogeneration) applications range from the industrial and commercial to the municipal and leisure sectors.

 MAN E3268

Optimised to the application! Flexible use for operation with natural gas or special gas: Specially adapted pistons and turbocharger increase efficiency.

Flexible use

The E3268 LE242 is well-equipped for future emission requirements thanks to a variant with nitrogen oxide levels of 250 mg/Nm3 NOx (5 % O2). At the same output of 320 kWmech, the MAN gas engine – equipped only with an oxidation catalyst – meets the requirements of the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft ½).

For markets with a mains frequency of 60 Hz, MAN Engines also offers an operating variant of the E3268 LE242 for natural gas with 1,800 rpm nominal speed. This delivers 340 kWmech and achieves a mechanical efficiency rate of 40.3 % and a thermal efficiency rate of 48.2 %, or 88.5 % in total.

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