MAN Engines

MAN D2862 for power generation

MAN D2862

This 12-cylinder diesel engine is an efficient power pack

MAN diesel engines for peak load compensation, emergency power and base load supply have been sold successfully for years in Europe, Asia, South Africa and America. The D2862 LE22x is the most powerful diesel engine for power generation in the MAN product portfolio. The 12-cylinder V-engine has a piston displacement of 24.2 litres with a bore of 128 mm and a stroke of 157 mm. In emergency standby operation (LTP) the V12 generates mechanical outputs of 880 kW at 1,500 rpm and 1,117 kW at 1,800 rpm for power generation.

Typical for an MAN engine is the low fuel consumption: Over a wide spectrum of applications, the D2862 LE22x achieves top figures for fuel consumption due to its common-rail injection system. The power generator also has efficient dimensions: At a compact 2,660 mm x 1,540 mm x 1,920 mm (Length x Height x Width) its usability as a container genset is guaranteed.

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