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MAN D2676 LE22x

MAN D2676 LE22x

6-cylinder engine with long service life and low operating costs

Efficient to the core: The MAN D2676 LE22x diesel engine for power generation impresses with its long service life and low operating costs. The low fuel and oil consumption as well as the long component service lives contribute to its low life-cycle costs. With ease of maintenance, the engine excels for instance due to its light weight (1,165 kg dry) as well as its compact construction (2,518 mm x 1,080 mm x 1,406 mm) and the good accessibility to wearing parts.

The D2676 LE22x is designed as a four-stroke diesel engine with 6 cylinders in line and a displacement of 12.4 litres which results from the 126 mm bore and 166 mm stroke. In emergency standby operation (LTP) the 6-cylinder engine generates mechanical outputs of 396 kW at 1,500 rpm and 415 kW at 1,800 rpm for power generation. The base engine has been successfully used for many years in MAN commercial vehicles, agricultural applications and boats and hundreds of thousands of them have been produced to date.

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