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MAN D3876 engine

MAN D3876 engine

6-cylinder engine for trucks, construction machinery and agricultural applications

The MAN D3876 LE12x 6-cylinder engine offers a power range of 415, 450 and 485 kW (565, 612 and 660 HP) in three power ratings. A bore of 138 mm and a stroke of 170 mm create a displacement of 15.26 litres. Consequently, the 6-cylinder engine offers a maximum torque of 2,700 to 3,000 Nm between 1,050 and 1,450 rpm and therefore sufficient power for large tractors, harvesters or construction machinery. A Common Rail injection system with 2,500 bar creates a high pressure level and therefore improves fuel injection control in the combustion chamber, resulting in lower fuel consumption and improved emissions.

At 1,462 x 940 x 747 mm (L x W x H) and with a dry weight of 1,337 kg, the MAN D3876 LE12x is more compact and lighter than its predecessor model, the D2868 LE12x, at a comparable output. Thanks to the VTG (variable turbine geometry) turbocharger, the powerful 6-cylinder engine provides maximum output and torque across a wide range of engine speeds. The new MAN engine complies with the US EPA Tier 4 final/CARB emission standard through exhaust gas recirculation and an SCR catalytic converter. Moreover, the engine is already prepared for EU Stage V. The D3876 LE12x is based on the mass-produced unit used in the most powerful MAN truck that we presented for the first time in 2014 at the IAA Nutzfahrzeuge.

In general, a high percentage of identical components and component groups in all MAN engines results in lower servicing costs and makes it easier to perform maintenance work. At the same time, as a well-experienced expert in off-road engine construction, MAN Engines places great value on further developing its units to suit particular applications specially for agricultural machinery. Amongst other things, this includes making adjustments to the oil pan for maximum oblique positions, the general durability of components in resisting dust, organic material and heat, plus the design of the engine electronics based on the 12 V vehicle electrical system commonly used in agricultural equipment.

Engine width mm 940
Engine length mm 1,462
Engine height mm 1,170
Engine height over crankshaft mm 747
Weight kg 1,337
Max. permissible oblique position axial/transverse (inclination when installed considered) ° 22/22 (40 % at 0° installation position)
Cylinder arrangement   In-line
Number of cylinders   6
Bore mm 138
Stroke mm 170
Displacement l 15.26
Operating mode   4-stroke diesel
Combustion process   9-jet direct injection
Injection system   Common rail (2500 bar)
Engine control unit   Bosch EDC17 CV42
Type of injection pump   Bosch CP5.2
Direction of rotation looking at flywheel   Left
Rated power according to ISO 1585; 89/491 EWG kW (HP) 415 – 485 (465 – 660)
Nominal speed rpm 1,800
Max. torque at nominal speed according to UN ECE-R120 Nm/rpm 2,700 – 3,000 / 1,050 – 1,450
Specific output kW/l 31.8
Exhaust status   97/68/EC (2004/26/EC) Stage IV US EPA Tier 4 final/CARB
Exhaust gas aftertreatment   EGR/SCR
Air compressor delivery / engine revolution at
back pressure


Oil fill quantity without/with filter l 39/45
Alternator transmission ratio   1 : 3.35
Generator V/A 14 or 28 / 80 – 270
Starter motor V/kW 24/7

Subject to technical changes due to further development.

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