The comfortable: MAN FM cab

Unser komfortables MAN Fahrerhaus FM ist dank gewichtsparender, kompakter Bauweise und bequemer Übernachtungsmöglichkeit ideal für nutzlastintensive Sonderanwendungen im nationalen Fernverkehr.

At a glance

  • More payload in long-haul transport
    The weight-saving design with an external width of 2.24 m is perfectly suited for payload-intensive special applications in national long-haul transport.
  • Even comfortable on tour for several days
    Extensive storage space and a relaxing bed with slatted frame: With our MAN FM cab, the driver enjoys every comfort on the road.
  • Interior with feel-good factor
    Thanks to the medium-high and long design, the compact driver’s cab offers considerable freedom of movement and a comfortable standing height.

MAN FM cab – specifications

The MAN FM driver’s cab combines a compact, weight-saving design for more payload with high on-board comfort and overnight accommodation.

External dimensions Width: 2,240 mm
Length: 2,280 mm
Hheight: 1,930 mm
Seats and sleeping places Seats: 2
sleeping places: 1

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