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Retrofit AttentionGuard

Retrofit AttentionGuard

With MAN AttentionGuard, road safety can be increased even further. MAN AttentionGuard is an attention assistant based on the principle of the Lane Guard System (LGS). It recognises signs of reduced attention and emits a visual and acoustic warning signal to increase the alertness of the driver.

Above a speed of 37 mph (60 km/h) the system continuously evaluates driving parameters (e.g. violations of lane boundaries, steering behaviour, etc.). Based on a defined evaluation algorithm, it draws conclusions about the driver’s fitness to be on the road. Warning occurs 10 seconds after the last of five detected lane violations at intervals of no more than 3 minutes each

Visual warning: A message appears in the display for 8 seconds

Acoustic warning: Warning tone via the loudspeakers in the driver’s workplace

If there is an interval of more than 3 minutes between two lane violations and after a warning has been issued, the counter is set to 0 again


Vehicle must be equipped with the Lane Guard System (LGS). System does not work if lane markers are missing or not recognised

Your benefits

  1. Increasing road safety
  2. Increasing attention while driving
  3. Accident prevention by means of an issued warning in case of reduced attentiveness

Item numbers

Item number Designation Suitable for
81.25890-7985 MAN Genuine Software® TGS and TGX:
  • Euro 6 from MY 2/2017 to MY 2019
  • With LGS4 [FUP (functional parameter)]: 81.25890-3853 Configuration lane guard system via PTM (Power Train Manager) and MFC (multi-functional camera)
  • PTM Step 6 or successor step installed


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