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MAN Lion's Explorer: the Pride of MAN

At a glance

  • Reliable
    The well tried and tested Trucknology® results in superior reliability, and downtime is minimised due to the extended service intervals.
  • Affordable
    The chassis range makes use of fuel-efficient D08 and D20 common rail engines. Replacement parts are also readily available at competitive prices.
  • Innovative
    MAN Trucknology® technology, which has been extensively tried and tested in the TGA range, is incorporated into the MAN HB bus chassis range.
  • Safe
    The chassis has many safety features including ABS (anti-lock brakes), ASR (traction control) and EPB (electro-pneumatic brake).

The MAN Lion´s Explorer bus bodywork, the successor to the well known Explorer range of bodies, and the only OE-manufactured bus body in South Africa, is designed for African conditions to exacting European standards. The body styling is in line with the MAN Lion´s family of City and Intercity buses from Germany. The MAN Lion´s Explorer body range incorporates innovative modular designs resulting in customization options, which meet our customers’ individual requirements.

State-of-the-art driveline

You notice it when you start. You feel it when you accelerate. You experience it on every kilometre you drive. MAN’s powerful common rail diesel engines have the torque and economy to match the exceptional reliability. In combination with the various transmissions (manual, automatic and TipMatic) the engines with ratings from 176kW (240hp) to 257kW (350hp) give the MAN HB bus chassis exceptional driving performance. The common rail injection system is quieter and complies with Euro 3 emission standards.

MAN HB chassis range

HB1-240 18.240 BB FOCR 4x2 chassis with ZF manual transmission
HB2-240 18.240 BB FOCR 4x2 chassis with Voith automatic transmission
HB4-310 26.310 LL FOCNR 6x2 chassis with TipMatic transmission
HB4-350 26.350 LL FOCNR 6x2 chassis with TipMatic transmission
HB4BT-310 26.310 LL FOCNR Bustrain (6x2 prime mover) with TipMatic transmission
HB4BT-350 26.350 LL FOCNR Bustrain (6x2 prime mover) with TipMatic transmission

The body models available

  • MAN Lion´s Explorer 12.5m bodywork on MAN HB1 & HB2 chassis
  • MAN Lion´s Explorer 13.9m bodywork on MAN HB4 (310 or 350) chassis
  • MAN Lion´s Explorer 13.9m bodywork on MAN HB4 (310 or 350) chassis

Safety first

The MAN Lion´s Explorer body range incorporates highest safety standards, complying with all the SABS compulsory standards relating to safety.


  • Body roll-over structural strength, seat strength and anchorage, as well as emergency exit requirements
  • H7 (high intensity) headlights, fitted as standard to all Lion’s Explorer bodies, enhancing safety and night-driving capability
  • The wider pneumatically operated passenger door with large glass panels for improved driver curb-side visibility and styling. The entrance has adequate passenger handrails and non-slip flooring which will help improve passenger boarding and alighting from the bus. An out-swing step can also be fitted to reduce the first step height to 300mm (optional extra).
  • All doors are interlinked to the park brake as an additional safety feature.
  • In addition to the EBS 5 braking system, a retarder or intarder (depending on the chassis model) is a standard fitment on all MAN HB bus chassis, ensuring that all the chassis braking safety standards are exceeded.

Travelling in comfort

The passenger saloon area combines comfort, safety and functional design.


  • Panoramic windows and the use of attractive practical interior finishing materials, create a bright and friendly atmosphere.
  • The many seating options and styles available from our list of recommended suppliers enhance the interior comfort and appearance.
  • The driver´s workstation, with its attractive design, is in a class of its own. The controls are logically arranged and within easy reach of the driver, focusing on the central LCD display which incorporates all servicing and diagnostic information.
  • The driver´s seat and steering wheel are pneumatically adjustable ensuring the ultimate in driver comfort.

Overview of all exterior and interior features

  • Body structure in 3CR12
  • H7 high intensity headlights
  • LED rear lights (including stop/park and indicator lights) are vertically mounted on both sides of the rear dome and duplicated on the top of the dome. Incandescent-type reverse lights are mounted in the rear bumper recess
  • The three-piece front bumper is manufactured from moulded glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • Stone guards and mud flaps are fitted behind all wheels
  • The one-piece GRP roof design and styling has integrated rain gutters and improved aerodynamics
  • The aerodynamic frontal design of the body reduces ‘drag’ contributing to improved fuel economy
  • The front header box is prepared for the future fitment of destination equipment
  • Lockable fuel tank flap
  • Acid-protected lockable battery compartment, housing the swingout battery cradle and the chassis tool-kit
  • Driver´s door
  • Passenger entrance door – two leaf in-swing door pneumatically operated
  • Two rear view mirrors and one interior mirror
  • Hübner articulation and bellow system fitted as a standard on all Bustrains
  • Additional passenger door, rear of the rear wheels
  • Slam type air operated door in lieu of an in-swing type door
  • Various underfloor luggage locker configurations are available, each incorporating lockable aluminium doors and interior illumination
  • Out-swing step fitted below passenger entrance step assembly
  • Wheelchair lift
  • 4-piece flat front mounted windscreen in lieu of the 2-piece curved windscreen
  • LED front mounted destination display
  • Rear tail-light surrounds in red
  • Additional body colour
  • The chassis electrical system is incorporated into the driver´s rear partition
  • Clearly marked emergency exit windows
  • The interior finishes – bodyside and ceiling in formica panelling – front header box and rear interior panel of moulded GRP panels
  • Saloon lighting – five flush mounted fluorescent lights and bus stop bell pushes, fitted in alternate ceiling bays
  • One down light above the driver and one above the passenger entrance are interconnected to the door opening mechanism
  • One ceiling handrail and all partitions of 32mm diameter yellow powder coated tubing
  • Windscreen demister blower with vents in front dash
  • 3CR12 passenger entrance steps trimmed in Altro floor covering
  • Driver’s sun visor
  • Ceiling insulated with polystyrene
  • Passenger saloon floor in 2mm 3CR12 plate bonded to the under frame structure and trimmed in Altro floor covering
  • Emergency escape roof hatches
  • Perforated parcel racks
  • Parcel racks trimmed in vinyl or cloth to match seat trim
  • Driver´s nearside enclosure – moulded GRP type or laminated ply wood GRP with sliding window attached to the driver´s rear partition
  • Mesh protection for windows on driver’s nearside partition
  • Interior ceiling of moulded GRP panels with central lighting combo and two grab handles – in lieu of formica
  • Interior ceiling with GRP eave panels and centre panel in local cloth – in lieu of formica
  • Bodyside curtains with tie backs
  • Various seating options available from our list of recommended seat suppliers
  • Saloon heating – cove mounted convection heaters
  • Forced draft ventilation with jet vents and reading lights
  • Air-conditioning – Webasto (HB4-350 only) with jet vents and reading lights
  • Roof mounted extractor/ventilation units
  • 4-way emergency roof hatch
  • Radio/CD and speakers
  • Radio/CD/DVD combo and speakers and two flip-down monitors

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