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Strengthen your fleet with used trucks with body

Whether for agriculture, on the construction site, for food or beverage transport, various bodies are used in the transport industry, depending on the type and quantity of goods to be transported.

If you are looking for a truck for parcel and express services, a commercial vehicle with box body including liftgate or double door (rear) is recommended. For refrigerated transport, freezers are usually equipped with stand-up refrigeration – side walls, floor and ceiling are cast in sandwich construction to perfectly insulate the goods. A very popular body solution is the tarpaulin body. Here, the body consists only of a metal frame over which a sliding tarpaulin is stretched. With a platform body, the truck is open at the top – the load is secured by side walls. This type of body is mainly used to transport goods that are insensitive to rain and other weather conditions. On tipper vehicles, the body can be tilted at the touch of a button so that the load slides off the trailer. Liquids such as fuels, chemicals, milk or water are transported with a tank body. Car transporter bodies can usually carry up to nine vehicles stacked on two levels. Other bodies are used for livestock transport, beverage transport in refrigerated trucks, towing trucks – and there are even bodies for residential purposes.

At MAN TopUsed you will find used trucks and construction machines from various manufacturers with body solutions including additional extensions such as sliding walls and double doors – everything you need for your transport tasks. Click in and benefit from the excellent condition of our vehicles.

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