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    Used truck mixers are tested by MAN prior to being offered. The MAN TopUsed Seal of Quality ensures even more security.
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    The use of a truck mixer not only saves time – it also relieves the workers on the construction site and optimises the processes.

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Concrete is one of the most important building materials. In Germany alone, around 60 million cubic metres of concrete are produced annually. The ready-mixed concrete is transported to the construction sites by truck mixers driving on three to five axles, where it is immediately processed. It is for a reason that the mobile truck mixer is one of the most popular construction vehicles in the world.

Concrete mixing vehicles are equipped to deliver the concrete professionally at the destination. Slides, which can be added as needed, help here. In addition, most truck mixers provide a plastic tube which can be used to convey the concrete over a distance of several metres. To ensure the flowability of the concrete, truck mixers are additionally equipped with a superplasticiser. In addition to concrete pumps for delivery at the point of use, there are also combined truck mixer concrete pumps – here, the mixing drum is somewhat smaller than with the pure truck mixer.

Concretise your plans and find the right commercial vehicle for your concrete transport on MAN TopUsed. Truck mixers are offered with the MAN seal of quality. Select the vehicle you are looking for and sort by load volume, weight class and model – the perfect truck for your business is just a few clicks away.

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