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Optimised uptime

Optimised uptime

At a glance

  • Smart safety improvements
    The new trucks offer protection through the reinforced cab as well as active roll stabilisation.
  • Proactive maintenance management
    We plan the maintenance appointments for your MAN TGX, thus optimising uptime.
  • Custom-made digital solutions
    Thanks to an innovative electronic architecture and digital services, your MAN TGX is always connected with you and the MAN service outlet.

A strong connection

The MAN TGX: Heart of a lion and a digital soul.

The quickest way is via the data path. This is why the MAN TGX comes with tailor-made digital solutions to get the best out of your truck.

The basis for this is the completely new vehicle electrical system. It was designed with one purpose in mind, and that is to keep the four pillars of your company connected at all times:

  • Driver and vehicle
  • The entire fleet
  • Your customers
  • The MAN service outlets

MAN Service: quick response, minimum delay

We know that your time is precious, so we respond as quickly as possible with our comprehensive services.

MAN workshop

Next exit: MAN

With a number of workshops in countries across Middle East and Africa, we are never far from you. And because breakdowns don’t happen according to schedule and waiting times cost money, you can always rely on us to respond as quickly as possible.

Genuine is always best

Most spare parts are readily available at our workshops. Others can be sourced within a short span of time. This means that your truck spends a minimum amount of time in the workshop and is soon back where it belongs to drive in profit for you: on the road. By the way, also included in the package is the tried and tested MAN safety and reliability – with two years warranty on parts and service.

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