MAN in Middle East & Africa

Optimised uptime

With their optimised uptime, the MAN TGM & TGL bridge any supply gap.

At a glance

  • Flexibility meets Efficiency
    With the TGM and TGL, maximum efficiency is guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed uptime
    Whether instant repair service on site or a replacement vehicle – MAN keeps everything rolling.

Downtime Minimized

With a vast network of workshops and trained personnel, we ensure that your vehicle is up and running at the earliest.

MAN ServiceCare bundles and coordinates maintenance jobs.

The perfect solution for you, guaranteed

MAN ServiceContracts aim to reduce costs and increase vehicle availability. You can select the specification that’s right for you, guaranteeing maximum protection with minimum expense.

Stay on the safe track

With MAN extended warranty you are protected against unpredictable repair costs and the resale value of your truck is assured boosting efficiency. (link to services page of extended warranty.

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