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With MAN you always have a strong partner by your side.

At a glance

  • Suitable for multiple applications
    Thanks to their compact design, the ergonomic entry and the driver-oriented cockpit, the MAN TGM & MAN TGL are perfectly suited for any task.
  • Over 100 years of competence in trucks
    With over 100 years of experience in commercial vehicles, MAN offers top range customer service and a vehicle portfolio suited to its purpose like no other.

Where manoeuvrability meets comfort

The MAN TGM & TGL with their redesigned cabs offer a generous flair within compact dimensions.

MAN TGM loading ramp

The perfect partner for your application

The true home of the MAN TGM & MAN TGL is the city, but with their perfect dimensions they can equally master the challenges of short and long-haul distribution transport as well as construction site deployments. Narrow streets, hard to manoeuvre access roads and rough terrain are no match for the MAN TGM & MAN TGL.

Easy access to comfort

Invitingly low steps and wide-opening doors ensure ergonomic access to the vehicle. The non-slip steps allow for fast and steady movements – indispensable when having to keep to a tight schedule. The optimised cab lighting provides additional safety and guidance. Timing might not always be convenient but the MAN TGM & MAN TGL certainly are.

MAN TGM interior

No compromise on comfort

What works for long-haul routes is equally convenient for short runs. For example the displays at ideal reading height and the easy-to-reach control elements. Both areas are kept separate, with each being arranged in logical groups. It is easy to switch between focussing on the road and on the displays without being distracted.

The gear shift control for the automatic gearbox located on the right-hand stalk switch has been completely redeveloped. This not only creates extra space between the seats, since the usual console next to the driver’s seat is no longer required, but also improves ergonomic conditions and increases safety. The switch for the electronic parking brake is arranged close-by. It can be operated manually at any time but is also engaged automatically when the vehicle is parked and releases again automatically when the vehicle moves off.

Accessories for the MAN TGM & TGL

Accessories that make work easier

With high-quality and precisely fitting accessories, you can easily adapt your MAN TGM and MAN TGL to your needs – from comfort features to additional safety equipment to retrofit camera solutions. With MAN BirdView, for example, you can retrofit a camera system which provides an overview of the entire vehicle’s surroundings – including blind spots – from the driver’s workplace.

To MAN Genuine accessories

The MAN TGM & MAN TGL have been developed based on 100 years of experience with commercial vehicles.

Out on the road for you for over 100 years

MAN has always been about uncompromising customer service at eye level.

Only close collaboration leads to mutual understanding. Throughout the decades, the requirements of our customers have changed – and so have we.

One of our innovations is our flexible modular construction, which allows you to individually design your own truck. What’s also new is the option of choosing from preconfigured vehicles, tailored specifically to certain applications. Our after-sales team equally continues to evolve, striving to be your long-term truck partner and offer targeted support. Everything to optimise your efficiency and lead you to success.

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