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Cruise controls
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Monitoring and maintaining a safe distance to the traffic ahead
  • Adjusting the speed
  • Active help while driving
GPS-assisted Cruise Control: MAN EfficientCruise
  • Driving with more foresight: Detects the topography of the route in advance
  • Increased fuel economy thanks to adjustment of driving style and shift strategy
MAN AttentionGuard
  • Monitoring the driving behaviour
  • Optical and acoustical warning in case of suspicious changes in steering behaviour
  • Interacts with other assistance systems
Electronic brake control
  • Stability and manoeuvrability during emergency braking
  • The vehicle does not skid at loss of traction
  • Maintaining a constant speed when driving downhill
Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
  • Warns the driver in emergency braking situations
  • Stops the vehicle automatically in dangerous situations
  • Warns following traffic by means of an emergency stopping signal
Controlling & steering
Electronic stability control
  • Dynamic stability in critical driving situations
  • Prevents the vehicle from turning over
  • Assists the driver when there is a risk of oversteering or understeering
Lane Guard System (LDW)
  • Driver support for safe lane keeping
  • Adaptive warning concept

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