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Turn assist

Animation of the turn assist

At a glance

  • More safety when turning left
    Monitors oncoming traffic by radar sensors and minimises the risk of accidents.
  • Automatic braking procedure
    Helps to prevent collisions in dangerous situations by braking automatically.

Keeping an eye on oncoming traffic

When turning left involves crossing the opposite lane, it is easy to overlook oncoming traffic. This is why the new turn assist monitors oncoming traffic in these situations and can help the driver to avoid head-on collisions by automatically braking the vehicle if dangerous situations occur.

Intelligent turning

If drivers activate the left turn indicator, the assistant supports them at speeds of up to 20 km/h. To this end, the system uses radar sensors to proactively monitor oncoming traffic while turning.

Danger detected, brake activated with simultaneous warning message

If the system detects a dangerous situation , it initiates an automatic braking procedure by force of the extremely short response time and warns the driver at the same time to prevent the vehicle from turning into oncoming traffic.

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