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Manoeuvre Assist

The manoeuvre assist supports with parking and brakes in critical situations.

At a glance

  • Overview when pulling out
    Radar sensors monitor the area behind and beside the vehicle.
  • Accident prevention
    An acoustic signal warns the driver in good time in the event of danger.
  • Braking in the event of an imminent collision
    If the driver does not react, the manoeuvre assist can brake the vehicle and thus prevent a collision.

The third eye

Looking over your shoulder is not always enough. With the manoeuvre assist , the driver also sees what is going on behind him. The assistance system helps when pulling out of a parking space and observes crossing traffic. In critical situations, the manoeuvre assist brakes for you or even supports you with an emergency stop. This means that you always have a wide-awake co-driver who keeps an eye on everything and comments on your driving style – if that’s what you want.

Safety when pulling out


Radar sensors detect the blind spot and the traffic situation behind and alongside the vehicle and assist the driver when pulling out of a parking space.


If a collision is imminent, the manoeuvre assist brakes the MAN TGE automatically and can thus reduce the consequences of a crash or even completely avoid an accident.

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