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Digital mirror replacement system: MAN OptiView

Digital mirror replacement system: MAN OptiView

At a glance

  • Improved field of vision
    Eliminating the exterior mirrors increases the direct field of vision and improves aerodynamics.
  • A comfortable traffic overview
    Two display views provide an excellent overview of the traffic situation and other road users.
  • Display system in HD quality
    The two high-resolution screens in the cockpit automatically adjust to the ambient brightness so that the camera image is always clearly visible.

Clear vision for even more safety

Performs much better than conventional mirror systems: MAN OptiView ensures an outstanding overview of the traffic situation behind and to the side of the bus at all times. With the innovative digital mirror replacement system, you not only drive more safely, but also more economically, because it does not require conventional mirror arms. Instead, camera systems are integrated into the body design on both sides of the vehicle. This also increases the driver’s direct field of vision when looking out of the side windows. In the cockpit, two displays perform the function of the conventional rear-view mirrors.

Close-range and wide-angle camera

MAN OptiView operates with a close-range camera and a wide-angle camera. This means that the high-resolution screens can display not only the field of vision required by law, but with the wide-angle view in the lower part of the display, they also provide the driver with an all-round view of the bus. This allows drivers to drive comfortably and safely with virtually no blind spots.

Glare-free image without interferences

The system automatically filters out disruptions in the camera footage (for example, caused by rain drops, dirt and shaking of the mirrors) and optimises the brightness and contrast. Thus, the display image ensures a glare-free, clear view of the traffic even when driving at twilight or at night.

More economical and quieter

Since the camera system requires much less space on the vehicle body than conventional mirrors, aerodynamics are significantly improved. Result: less fuel consumption and wind noise.

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