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Online ordering service

Online ordering service

At a glance

  • Around the clock ordering service
    Orders can be placed 24/7.
  • Quick availability of MAN Genuine parts
    Extensive parts stock for all MAN vehicle types and parts supply overnight by European Logistic Center.
  • Reduced downtime and waiting times
    With MAN PartsBase you simplify the ordering process of spare parts and thus ensure high uptime.

Your online order service for genuine parts

As an operator of a private or independent workshop, you rely on being able to access Genuine Parts at short notice and in large quantities for the repair or maintenance of a MAN vehicle. With MAN PartsBase there are no unnecessary delays and your customers do not have to put up with useless waiting times. You can access MAN PartsBase via the MAN Service Portal or

MAN PartsBase is a vital component of the MAN Service Portal

You have to be registered on the MAN Service Portal in order to use MAN PartsBase. Once you have registered you get direct access to the online ordering service so you can identify MAN Genuine parts as required and order them directly from the dealership of your choice – straightforward, quick and affordable. You can also use MAN PartsBase to check the availability of the Genuine Parts you require at your local dealership. This saves you making unnecessary journeys and avoids lengthy waiting times for your customers.

MAN PartsBase powered by

MAN works closely with the website to supply independent workshops with MAN Genuine Parts round the clock. As a workshop operator there are plenty of benefits to using MAN PartsBase:

  • Round-the-clock ordering service, seven days a week
  • The shopping basket can be downloaded to MANTIS, the electronic parts catalogue. Direct delivery is possible on request
  • Simplified order process for spare parts
  • Parts held in stock for all MAN vehicle types
  • Parts supplied overnight by the European Logistic Center

MAN Service Portal registration

  • Access to the complete range of available MAN Genuine parts
  • Unified user interface for ease of use
  • Parts clearly identified using vehicle identification number Check inventory of spare parts at your local distributor
  • Electronic archiving of all orders and enquiries
  • Online ordering service from the dealership of your choice – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week registration

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