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Maintenance & repair:

At a glance

  • Planning and calculation security
    Fixed maintenance intervals ensure better protection against unforeseeable repairs.
  • Customised solutions
    MAN offers the perfect service contract for every requirement. The scope of services ensures the desired protection and can be individually adjusted at any time.
  • Maximum profitability
    Predictable service and inspection work reduces the risks of unexpectedly occurring repair costs and vehicle breakdowns.


You have our word and our service. Security is important in any relationship, but especially those that involve business. Security means minimising risks.

Minimising risks

In the transport sector, risks include unexpected repair costs or vehicle breakdowns. MAN Service contracts protect you from these risks and from cost uncertainties by offering you a range of services that integrates all service and inspection work and can be expanded to suit your individual needs.

Lightening your administrative workload

With MAN service contracts, over 50 MAN service outlets across Australia are available to provide you with professional support. MAN Service contracts also lighten your workload with regard to administration, allowing you to focus more on your core business and meaning you no longer have to worry about fluctuating maintenance and service costs. This is our promise to you.


MAN Service contracts aim to reduce costs and increase uptime. It is possible to adapt MAN Service contracts to suit the customer’s precise individual requirements by using the different modules in combination with one another. With MAN Service contracts, you can select the specification which is right for you, guaranteeing maximum protection with minimum expense.

Service contract overview

Benefits at a glance:

  • Sure financial planning and pricing
  • Lower maintenance cost due to discounts parts and labour pricing
  • Optimal fuel consumption through correct servicing of the vehicle
  • Reduced staff and administration costs
  • Higher resale value of vehicles


The contract covers all work as a part of regular servicing as prescribed by MAN. MAN Roadside Assist is available as an option.

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Comfort Plus

In addition to the services the comfort contract, this contact includes an extended warranty package. MAN Roadside Assist is available as an option

All contract details

Comfort Repair

The contract covers all the services of the comfort contract plus all normal wear and tear repairs to the vehicle. This contract includes MAM Roadside Assist free of charge.

All contract details

Variety needn’t be complicated.

The overview of MAN service products shows you quickly and easily which modules are available. This is how you easily turn a standardised repair and maintenance contract into exactly your individual service contract

  Oil change Maintenance and Service Wear-and-tear Repair Repair
Complete Vehicle
MAN Service Contracts
Comfort Plus O
Comfort Repair
MAN extended warranties
Driveline Warranty
Complete Vehicle Warranty
Extended warranties
Customised scope of services

✓ = included
- = not included
O = optional

Your benefits at a glance

Planning and calculation security

No surprises: MAN Service Contracts protect you from financial surprises by considerably reducing the risk of you having to pay out for unplanned repairs for older vehicles. More profit: optimum adjustment of vehicle technology means significantly less fuel consumption.

‘One-stop shop’ – everything from a single source

Short processes, one contact person, complete service – everything you need including servicing, invoice management and answering questions relating to warranty and contract conditions. We take care of everything so that you can focus on what’s important: your job.

Optimum vehicle condition

By professionals for professionals. Specialist maintenance and repair by qualified MAN workshop staff, using exclusively MAN Genuine Parts and MAN Genuine Parts ecoline, guarantees the utmost safety and functionality for your MAN vehicle.

Reduction of downtimes

Advanced planning and preventative repairs are essential for achieving significantly higher operational safety for MAN vehicles. Optimised availability results in cost savings and greater efficiency – less downtime, more profit.

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