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Reversing Camera System Plus

With the existing reversing camera system, MAN already supplies high-quality camera/monitor systems. The new MAN Genuine Reversing Camera System Plus offers another alternative for even better compatibility with the camera systems available on the market. Regardless of whether a simple reversing camera or a sophisticated visual solution with up to 4 cameras is required. Our complete sets and the flexible modular system enable a wide range of applications.

Your benefits

  1. Manoeuvring becomes noticeably easier thanks to clear visuals of the area behind the vehicle in the MMI display with dynamic and static auxiliary elements.
  2. Contributes to accident prevention

Additional information

MAN offers pre-assembled complete camera sets to simplify product selection:

  • For camera mounting at the rear, at the body top
  • For camera mounting at the rear, at the bottom of the frame
  • With picture view on the monitor
  • With picture view on the MAN MMT Radio

In addition, the individual components are available as a modular system:

  • Rear view cameras (mirrored)
  • Front view cameras
  • Adaptor cable (for connection to MMT/MMV)
  • Switcher (for 2 to 4 cameras on the MMT)
  • External 7” monitor (for up to 4 cameras)
  • Semitrailer/trailer connection cable
  • Tank/pump unit for camera cleaning


Please contact your nearest MAN service network and let us inspire you.

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