Tablet holder

Tablet holder

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Whether you're checking e-mails or viewing driving jobs:
The MAN Genuine tablet holder means you'll always have your hands free and your information always in view on the instrument panel.


  • The tablet holder consists of a vehicle-specific base support and the tablet device holder
  • Variable adjustment, rotatable by 360°
  • Suitable for tablets with a height of 120 to 220 mm
  • No restriction of the legally required viewing areas
  • Mounted without drilling
  • With template for cutting the rubber mat in the cup holder


  • The mounted end device must not cover any buttons and displays of the vehicle.
  • Not for vehicles with centre seat (without cup holder).
  • Not suitable for off-road use.
  • Never use the tablet while driving!

Item numbers: Designation: Suitable for:
K3.61701-6000 TGX LL base support TGX left-hand drive from MY 2020 (with double cup holder)
K3.61701-6001 TGX RL base support TGX right-hand drive from MY 2020 (with double cup holder)
K3.61701-6002 TGL, TGM, TGS LL base support TGL/TGM/TGS left-hand drive from MY 2020 (with single cup holder)
K3.61701-6003 TGL, TGM, TGS RL base support TGL/TGM/TGS right-hand drive from MY 2020 (with single cup holder)
K3.61701-6004 Tablet holder equipment mount MAN Genuine tablet holder base support


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