Coolbox, 20 l

Coolbox, 20 l

Two 1-litre bottles can be stored upright in the front section of the coolbox installed between the driver’s seat and the co-driver’s seat. The lid can be folded back, creating a large opening angle of max. 100° for convenient access. The coolbox is equipped with integrated battery protection which switches off the coolbox automatically if the battery voltage drops too low. Two trays located on the top of the coolbox offer additional space for small and flat items.

The coolbox has two setting options:

  • In hibernation mode (temperature is maintained) or normal operation (temperature is gradually reached), the compressor runs at a reduced speed.
  • When the quick-cooling function is active (refrigerator cools down rapidly to the desired temperature), the compressor runs at maximum speed until the set temperature has been reached, after which it automatically switches to normal operation. When starting for the first time, after a lengthy period of non-operation or whenever a large amount of warm food is placed in the coolbox, the quick-cooling function prevents the temperature from rising too far.


  • Power requirement (min./max.): 30 W/60 W
  • Temperature range from: + 2 °C to + 15 °C (tolerance +/– 2 °C)
  • Refrigerant: R1234yf
  • Length: 430 mm
  • Width: 235 mm
  • Height: 295 mm
  • Volume: 21 l
Item number: Designation: Suitable for:
81.63910-6481* Storage box with coolbox, desert beige TGS with NN cab,TGM, TGL with CC/DN cab from MY 2020
81.63910-6480* Storage box with coolbox, moon grey TGS with NN cab,TGM, TGL with CC/DN cab from MY 2020

* The item number does not contain any assembly parts. These must be ordered separately (see assembly instructions download and parts overview).


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