Chrome application for bumper middle section

The slightly upward slanted wing profile of the fins directs the cooling air upwards to the hotter radiator areas and ensures increased cooling output.

Your benefits

Increased cooling output

Bumper middle section

ZSB radiator grille

Item number Designation Suitable for
81.41610-6971 Bumper middle section TGX TGX from Euro 6 until MY 2019
81.41614-0085 Air duct left
81.41614-0086 Air duct right
81.41614-6011 Step TGX
81.41610-6956 Bumper middle section TGS TGS from Euro 6 up to MY 2019
81.41614-0087 Air duct left
81.41614-0088 Air duct right
81.41614-6012 Step TGS
81.41614-6084 Radiator grille assembly 880 LH chrome For all TGX (wide cab) from MY 2020
81.41614-6083 Radiator grille assembly 640LH chrome For all TGM and TGS (narrow cab) from MY 2020


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