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  • Seal of Quality
    Used roll-off skip loaders are comprehensively tested prior to being offered. The MAN TopUsed Seal of Quality ensures even more security.
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    MAN TopUsed offers you leasing and financing deals – plus you benefit from selectable guarantee options and first-class service.
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    Thanks to task-specific hydraulics, roll-off containers or other bodies can be loaded, unloaded and reloaded on the truck within a few minutes.

Buying a used roll-off skip loader truck is worthwhile!

Strengthen your fleet with used roll-off skip loaders with quality seal

The special feature of roll-off skip loader trucks is that the transport containers on the chassis can be rolled off. The exchangeable transport boxes are also called roll-off containers and are available in different designs depending on the area of application – for example, a trough that is open at the top is used for transporting coarse bulk material such as building rubble and topsoil. With a roll-off skip loader, the loading, unloading and reloading of containers or other bodies is possible within just a few minutes.

The basis of a roll-off skip loader is a chassis that has been fitted with a hydraulic body, including a hook lift. Depending on your requirements, you decide which hydraulic body the used roll-off skip loader should have on board. If you primarily transport one container size, a standard boom is perfectly adequate. If the sizes of your containers tend to vary, the height conditions are restricted, the containers are to be raised flat or reloaded onto railway carriages, a telescopic boom is of greater advantage.

Find the perfect carrier vehicle at MAN TopUsed! Whether roll-off or set-down skip loader – you will find the optimal solution for your tasks on our platform. Benefit from a large selection of different skip loaders at favourable prices, across all manufacturers, in all weight classes and types.

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