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  • Choose from two MAN TopUsed truck generations now
    In addition to the tried-and-tested used vehicles, you can now also discover the latest MAN TopUsed truck generation: perfectly maintained, extensively tested, extremely efficient, and reliable.
  • Powerful overall package
    Benefit from a powerful overall package to drive your business to success: from driving, working, and living comfort to safety, efficiency, and connectivity, plus innovative services and the MAN TopUsed range of services.

Now at MAN TopUsed: two truck-generations

Tried-And-Tested and New MAN TopUsed Truck Generations #SIMPLYMYTRUCK

For generations, the professionally maintained and extensively tested MAN TopUsed vehicles have delighted drivers with their outstanding efficiency, reliability, and high value retention. Now, in addition to the tried-and-tested MAN TopUsed truck generation, there is a new one – and a tough one, at that. With its highly efficient commercial vehicle concept, it offers a perfect balance of innovative vehicle technology, smart tech, and digital solution for a sustainable boost in efficiency. So you benefit in more ways than one: reinforce your fleet at practically no cost while also benefiting from a powerful total package:

  • First-class focus on the driver Optimal working, safe driving, relaxed living thanks to a new driver-focused interior concept.
  • Optimized vehicle availability Reliable, fuel-efficient MAN technology, innovative assistance systems, and digital services for maximum profitability and efficiency.
  • Outstanding profitability and efficiency Top quality, long maintenance intervals, and a service-oriented design for minimal downtime.
  • Reliable partnership State-of-the-art maintenance and time management, customized service contracts, and individual solutions with competent support for the vehicle’s entire service life.

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